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5th Grade Basketball Fundamentals
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5th Grade Basketball Fundamentals

Shooting Series (12 minutes)

Most youth basketball players are able to learn how to shoot correctly by the 5th grade. It is important to teach players to shoot correctly because once bad habits are developed it is more difficult to correct them in the future.


  1. Players with a good fundamental basketball shot.
  2. Players who know how to practice correctly.
  3. Players who know their range and take shots in their range.

There are basics steps to becoming an “impeccable shooter” (BEEF).

1. Lying on Back: A player lies on his back and shoots the ball in the air focusing of follow through and rotation (catch & shoot). Coaches should go around to check the hand placement, balance, and follow through. Once players have shot the ball using only one hand, teach the placement of the guide hand. (2 minutes)

2. Partner “Hit the Line” Shooting: Each player places the “lead” shooting foot on a line. The goal is for the players to shoot the ball with good height and rotation.When the player gets to the cone, the player shoots the ball using the correct form. Players will shoot 3 shoots from each spot. This is a great drill to start each practice to reinforce the importance of working your way back. (2 minutes)

3. One-hand form shooting: This is the MOST critical part of the shot. A good shooter needs to shoot the ball with one hand. The majority of time should be spent mastering the one-hand shooting. Important Coaching Points: Line up the seams, freeze the followthrough, get PERFECT rotation. If a player has PERFECT form, he can skip the one hand drill and shoot with 2 hands. (4 minutes)

4. Two-hand form shooting: Remember a good shooter, only uses the shooting arm, the guide hand is simply used to balance the ball. It should never be used in the shot and needs to be corrected immediately. (Billy Curley Drill) Once a player has shown mastery of the one hand form shooting, add the guide hand to the shot. (4 minutes)

Important Coaching Points:

  1. Shoot Straight: There are 4 ways to miss a shot: short, long, right, and left. With a straight shot, a player is a 50% more accurate shooter.
  2. “Line up the seams:” Whenever possible, a player should line up the seams with his shooting hand. It is not always possible during a game for a player to do this, but during practice, players should always attempt to line up the seams.
  3. BEEF: Balance, Elbow, Eyes, Followthrough
  4. “FREEZE your Follow through:” Fully extend arm and have a good follow through.
  5. KNOW your range: Place where a player can make 5 in a row CONSISTENTLY (mark with cones)

Additional Coaching Points: Line up the seams, freeze the followthrough BOTH HANDS, get PERFECT rotation. If there is a flaw in the shot correct it IMMEDIATELY! Return to one-hand form shooting if necessary or modify the two hand shooting drill. Advanced skills: Teaching FOOTWORK: MORE LEGS the deeper the shot.