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Writing Advice for College Students
Simple steps for SEO Success & Twitter Tips! How to Use Twitter: 365 Tips for Small Businesses!
We are simply listing the accounts with the highest number of followers! The list comes from our “Make One Connection” each day on twitter list!

Over the past 2 years we have developed some interesting ideas on how to use twitter to make quality business connections that can help a small business grow.
For the next few weeks, we will be helping one company establish a social media identity that will help them make quality connections.
We are following the Simple Steps to SEO Success to see how quickly and effectively our company can use twitter in the next 30 days.

1. What is the goal of using social media?
Our purpose is to promote our business, let everyone know what we are about and to gain followers that can benefit and help grow our business. We’d like to reach out to people in the Massachusetts area especially: families interested in hosting with or without children, empty nesters, new partner schools private day middle/ high schools schools that would be willing to have international students study at their school, director of admissions, administration – principals, teachers, and Churches.
Analysis: A great focus with a targeted audience. Excellent start!
2. Who is your audience?
Our target audience would be the above mentioned and anyone interested in being involved with our business. We also will be looking to connect with twitter accounts that will help share our story.
Analysis: Focus needs to be expanded. Think about making connections with moms, dads, afterschool programs and other groups that might be a little outside the main audience you are trying to attract.
3. What will you tweet?
We want to remain very professional and will tweet things that pertain to our business. We want to tweet things that will help us get the followers attention, and help them to learn about what we do.
Analysis: This is very broad statement. It is a great idea to “tweet things that will help us get the followers attention” The big question is what will get their attention. If a company can answer this question, they have it made! Time needs to be spent crafting quality tweets. We encourage this company to spend 1 – 2 weeks writing 20 – 3o mission tweets. They can share one per day to let the followers know why A.I.E.P. is a great resource for them.

4. What is your follow policy?
Our follow policy is to follow/follow back accounts/people that will be beneficial to our business.
Analysis: A very vague answer. It is important to determine how many followers you would like. Will is your following ratio going to be? Will you unfollow people who do not follow you or will you unfollow everyone! Over the next few weeks, @AIEPUSA will create a more specific following plan.

5. What is your time commitment?
Our time commitment would be at least 30 mins per day/ and on an as needed basis.
Analysis: This is a great time commitment to start out. Twitter can be overwhelming so starting out slow is the best idea. The critical skill is working smarter and not longer. In those 30 minutes what are you going to do? What time of the day will it be? Are there any resources can help you make better use of your time?
Click here to see the progress.