Many people wait until their annual vacation or retirement to explore all their travel dreams. As a retiree, you have a nice kitty saved up and lots of time to dedicate to your hobby, but until you get there, you have to factor in travelling into your money-making ventures, including saving up for your retirement and other normal expenses.

This article offers five ways you can get paid for traveling, or ways you can make money from your travel locations.

1. Traveling for work

The most ideal way to go about it is to find a career that inherently includes some degree of travel. Of course, the fact that you’re going for work will reduce the amount of time you have to leisure, but it’s still a better prospect than waiting for vacations and being in the same place until them.

For instance, if you work for a multinational firm, you can get assigned for a spell in different locations e.g. to develop new markets for a few months, year or two. Visit to find out interesting ways to spend your leisure time in various locations.

2. Teaching English

Offering to teach English to those learning it as a second language can help you secure a job in locations where English is not the primary spoken language. In addition, it requires no more skills than what you have already – ability to converse, read and write in fluent English.

Overseas gigs teaching English pay better. Since the career isn’t very intensive, it allows you time to explore your country of assignment. You may have to learn the primary language there for an easier time, making a life in that country tough.

3. Voluntary overseas assignments

Government-related opportunities like voluntarily signing up to the Peace Corps can give you an opportunity to go overseas. The added advantage is that your basic living expenses are covered. In the Peace Corps, you can either be sent to Europe, Asia or Africa. Other than the Peace Corps in the US, many countries have their version of government-aided volunteer projects that include overseas posting.

You can also register with non-governmental organizations working under various projects overseas, either as a volunteer or an employee.

4. Writing about travel

Basic blogging can keep you quite busy, and writing about travel is even more so. Get to travel to various destinations on all-expenses-paid trips in return for generating publicity for your hosts. Check out and the article on travel sponsorship. However, don’t expect such opportunities to come along until you’ve dedicated yourself to doing it for a while and you’ve amassed a notable online following.

There are also freelance opportunities with online travel sites, online magazines and other print publications. Regular, full-time jobs on a salary are also available, especially for news houses that require travel correspondents.

5. Freelancing

It’s getting easier to run teleworking jobs. You can work from home or wherever else to save physical space and related commuter expenses if you work for organizations that allow this. There are companies that have no demands on where you live, meaning you can work while on the road or from anywhere you like provided there is Internet and a phone.

Some of these jobs include web design and development, graphic design, financial day trading, forex trading and writing among many others.