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Basketball Jokes: Why did the basketball player go to jail?…  Because he shot the ball! (Top Basketball Jokes for Kids)
Coaching Youth Basketball Resources
Coaching youth basketball can be an extremely challenging, yet rewarding task. In addition to the actual coaching time involved in practices and games, there also are some logistical duties such as a pre-season email introducing yourself to the parents and / or players.
Below is an email that might be helpful as you compose your own.
Dear Parents,
(Announcement of the team) Congratulations! Your son has been drafted by the YOUR TOWN YOUR TEAM NAME for the (current year) YOUR TOWN LEAGUE season.
(Personal Introduction) My name is YOUR NAME and I will be coaching along with ANY ASSISTANTS. (You may want to include some personal information here if you wish.)
Below is the entire team roster:

(List the team members so other parents will know other players.)
I am really excited for the season. My number one goal is to make it fun. Along the way hopefully the players will pick up some basketball skills, but first and foremost, the coaches want each player to have a positive experience.
Below are a few of my thoughts as we prepare for the season.

  1. The YOUR TOWN Basketball website is (include the link here). This is the best resource to learn about the program, cancellations, and our team. If there are cancellations due to weather, this is the first place the information will be posted. It would be awesome if you could become familiar with this site.
  2. The first week of the season will be LIST THE DATE. The game will be played at (include the time). I will email you a full schedule later. (Perhaps the website will list the schedule and you can include the link.)
  3. All the games will be played at the NAME THE LOCATION(S). Each game will be one hour long. The 1st 30 minutes will be skills and the last 30 minutes will be a 5 on 5 scrimmage.
  4. (Equipment) To maximize the skills sessions, the coaches would like to have each player bring a basketball each week. This should result in more improvement for everyone. (This is my philosophy it may not be yours.)

(Request for special personal information about players.) Lastly, if there is any information you would like to share with about your child  that you feel might be helpful to the coaches, you could email me or speak with one of the coaches on DATE OF 1St GAME.
Have a great weekend!
(include your email if you wish)