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Google Search “Top Twitter Accounts for Education”

  1. Edutopia @edutopia (1.2M followers) San Rafael, California, USA
  2. WeAreTeachers @WeAreTeachers (594.2K followers) Austin, TX
  3. National Education Association@NEAToday (244.2K followers) Washington DC
  4. ASCD @ASCD (275.4K followers) Alexandria, VA (D.C. area)
  5. Dave Burgess @burgessdave (174.6K followers) San Diego, CA Teach Like a Pirate is a Great Book for Teachers
  6. Todd Whitaker @toddwhitaker (144K followers) 
  7. Angela Maiers – Keynote | Author | Change Maker @AngelaMaiers (139.6K followers) Post: Angela Maiers: Educator of the Week
  8. Randi Weingarten @rweingarten (114.3K followers) Washington, DC
  9. LEGO Education @LEGO_Education (95.4K followers)
  10. NCTM @NCTM (82.7K followers) Reston, Virginia. 
  11. Tom Whitby @tomwhitby (80.4K followers) Guest Blog: What Makes an Education Thought Leader?
  12. Shannon McClintock Miller @shannonmmiller (64.5K followers) Iowa and Colorado Educator of the Week
  13. Mark E. Weston Ph.D. @ShiftParadigm (42.8K followers) Estes Park, CO USA
  14. For Teachers Only @ForTeachersOnly (38.2K followers) Shelbyville, TN
  15. Patrick Larkin @patrickmlarkin (46.6K followers) Burlington, MA
  16. NYT Learning Network @NYTimesLearning (34K followers) New York, NY
  17. Dede Rittman @dederittman (25K followers) Pittsburgh, PA Guest Blog: Student Teacher Advice: Develop Confidence
  18. Christopher Weiss @ChrisWeissCT (26.3K followers) Connecticut, USA
  19. Mark Brumley @markbrumley (25K followers) Texas
  20. Drew Minock @TechMinock (17K followers) Michigan
  21. International Dot Day @DotClubConnect (12.4K followers)
  22. Crista Anderson @cristama (11.3K followers) Missoula, Montana
  23. PJ Caposey @MUSDSupe (10.5K followers) Stillman Valley, IL Guest Blog: 4 Transition Tips for Educators Starting a New Job
  24. Billy Krakower @wkrakower (15.7K followers) North, New Jersey
  25. jonsamuelson @jonsamuelson (15.2K followers) Portland, Oregon
  26. Gary G. Abud, Jr. @MR_ABUD (6.3K followers) Educator of the Week Interview Michigan, USA
  27. AFT Connecticut @AFTCT (5.2K followers) Connecticut
  28. Dr. Sandra Intrieri @ski626 (4.2K followers) Educator of the Week
  29. Denise Staubach @theeducateri (4K followers)
  30. @ProfSusanG (2.7K followers) Loudon, New Hampshire
  31. Genein Letford @GeneinLetford (2K followers) Connected Educator of the Week Interview, Guest post: Teachers: Top 10 Tips for Successful Grant Writing
  32. Jan Hodge @janhodgelibrary (1.7followers)
  33. NPR @NPRNews (8.7M followers)
  34. HISTORY @HISTORY (2.7M followers) New York City
  35. Dick Vitale @DickieV (867K followers) Bristol ,Connecticut
  36. Discovery Education @DiscoveryEd (409.7K followers) Global
  37. BBC Education @bbceducation (344.5K followers) London, UK
  38. U.S. News Education @USNewsEducation (321.1K followers) Washington, D.C.
  39. DonorsChoose @DonorsChoose (251.8K followers) New York, NY Blog: Donors Choose: Making a Difference in Education
  40. PBS Teachers @pbsteachers (248K followers)
  41. SmithsonianNMAAHC @NMAAHC (230.4K followers) Washington, DC, USA
  42. The College Board @CollegeBoard (24.4K followers) New York, NY
  43. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center @TheKingCenter (208K followers) Atlanta, GA 
  44. Eric Sheninger @E_Sheninger (156.4K followers) Cypress, TX
  45. Todd Nesloney @TechNinjaTodd (80.4K followers) Texas, USA
  46. American Federation of Teachers@AFTunion (75.5K followers) Washington, DC
  47. Pear Deck @PearDeckBy (80K followers) Iowa City and New York
  48. National Science Teaching Association @NSTA (68.5K followers) 
  49. Monica Burns, Ed.D. #EdTech ClassTechTips (67.5K followers) New Jersey Educator of the Week
  50. Facing History @Facinghistory (50K followers) All over Guest Blog: The LA Fund & Facing History and Ourselves Combat Bullying
  51. Rafranzโท @RafranzDavis (58.5K followers) Guest Blog: Teachers: How to be Awesome Like Beyonce
  52. LAPromiseFund @LAPromiseFund (43.5K followers) Guest Blog: The LA Fund & Facing History and Ourselves Combat Bullying
  53. NEH @NEHgov (43.3K followers) Washington, D.C.
  54. Smithsonian Education @smithsonianedu (37.2K followers)  Washington, DC
  55. Jay Billy @JayBilly2 (32.6K followers) New Jersey, USA
  56. Mary Beth Hertz @mbteach (28.8K followers) Philadelphia, PA
  57. Jeffrey Bradbury @TeacherCast (26.2K followers) Philadelphia
  58. Michael Smith Supt @principalspage (22.4K followers) Illinois Post: Michael Smith: Educator of the Week
  59. Digital Learning Day @OfficialDLDay (24.2K followers) 
  60. SNHU @SNHU (22.6K followers) Manchester, NH
  61. The ASE @theASE (22K followers) UK
  62. Texas Instruments Education @TICalculators (19K followers) Dallas, TX
  63. Paula Naugle @plnaugle (18.2K followers) New Orleans, LA Guest Blog: Teachers, Should You Be Using Exit Slips in Your Classroom?
  64. iCivics @icivics (18.3K followers) Cambridge, MA (ICivics Lessons)
  65. Sabrina Joy Stevens @realsabijoy (12.8K followers) Washington, DC
  66. Shawn McCusker @ShawnMcCusker (10.7K followers) Illinois
  67. Bill Burkhead @BurkheadBill (7.2K followers) Guest Blog: All Kids Can SUCCEED โ€“ Be the โ€œ1โ€
  68. Brian J. Nichols @bjnichols (7.2K followers) New Kent, VA
  69. Nancy Carroll @ncarrollDLC (6.2K followers) 4th Grade Teachers Connect Via Twitter & Educator of the Week
  70. Chris Casal @mr_casal (3K followers) Deep Burbs of NYC Educator of the Week
  71. Alaska Education Association@NEAAlaska (1.5K followers) Alaska 
  72. Two TeacherZ @askteacherzcom (3K followers) Grosse Pointe, Michigan Student Grades: How to Turn Around the Midyear SLUMP
  73. Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1 (81K followers) Sarasota, FL Guest Blog: Teachers, Follow that Hashtag!
  74. Kyle Pace, CETL @kylepace (63K followers) Kansas City, MO
  75. National Park Service @NatlParkService (687K followers) USA
  76. Larry Ferlazzo @Larryferlazzo (76K followers)
  77. Edmodo @edmodo (121Kfollowers) San Mateo, CA
  78. Wm Chamberlain @wmchamberlain (11,500 followers) Noel, MO 
  79. Deb Chitwood @DebChitwood (13.8K followers) San Diego, California
  80. Sue Gorman @sjgorman (23.2K followers) Racine, WIsconsin ๐Ÿ™‚ USA
  81. Will Richardson-BIG Questions Institute @willrich45 (75K followers)
  82. Matt Gomez @mattBgomez(23.5Kfollowers) Plano, Tx ยทmattBgomez.comTop Kindergarten Teachers Using Twitter
  83. PBS Teachers @pbsteachers (248K followers)
  84. Dr. John Robinson @21stprincipal (17K followers)
  85. NAESP @NAESP (49K followers) Alexandria, VA
  86. Sean Junkins @sjunkins (31K followers) Morgantown, WV
  87. Google for Education @GoogleForEdu (710K followers) USA
  88. Richard Byrne @rmbyrne (115K followers) Maine, USA
  89. Digital Learning Day @OfficialDLDay (24.1 followers) 
  90. All4Ed @All4Ed (20.4K followers) Washington, DC
  91. ๐™Ž๐™๐™š๐™ก๐™ก๐™ฎ ๐™Ž๐™–๐™ฃ๐™˜๐™๐™š๐™ฏ @ShellTerrell (80.3K followers) San Antonio, TX
  92. becky pringle @BeckyPringle (10K followers)