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By Jerry Blumengarten – Cybrary Man@cybraryman1

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To get the most of out of Twitter, I strongly suggest finding the hashtags that best fit your needs and/or interests and follow them. My Educational Hashtags page has a collection that is constantly growing and covers most subject areas and grade levels.

Once you start following a hashtag you will encounter passionate educators or those interested in education that freely share and learn with one another. Many of the hashtags have chats once a week that usually cover a topic that has been chosen by the moderator or voted on by the participants. Those one hour chats are wonderful experiences. You can learn so much from people from all over the world. And the great thing is it is a level playing field. I have tweeted on chats with teachers, principals, superintendents, authors, speakers, parents, students, a governor, musician, educational union leader…  My Educational Chats page.

My How to Take Part in or Moderate a Chat on Twitter page

One of my self appointed roles on Twitter is to keep those hashtags and chats going. I really need everyone’s help to keep the information up to date. Some chats come and go or are sporadic. It does take a lot of hard work on the part of the moderators to sustain them.
Cybrary Man can be found on Twitter following a lot of hashtags and helping moderate the weekly #edchats and monthly #engsschat.
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