Letter of the Week – Y y

During the week, please learn to identify this letter, it’s sound, and formation. At home please make a list of words that begin with this letter.


red, blue, yellow


Please enjoy doing these activities at home with your child this week.

Y y Activities

  1. Count all the yellow toys in your room.
  2. Yell, “I love you” to someone in your family.
  3. Draw a colorful picture with a bright yellow sun.
  4. Clean your room, please.
  5. Write the word “Yes.”
  6. Eat a yellow banana.
  7. Look at yourself in the mirror and pat yourself on the back.
  8. Play with a yo-yo!
  9. Name a yellow bird.
  10. Do you have yarn in your house? What color is it?
  11. Show your parents a big yawn.

Activity: Play this game. Line up your child 15 yards away from you. Say, “I am going to say a word. Take one step forward  if the word you hear starts with the /y/ sound.” !
Word List: yak, yellow, up, yawn, tomorrow, you, me, yell, talk, young, yippee!

This lesson was taken directly from the homework assignments of a Massachusetts kindergarten teacher.
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