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A high school psychology class is completing a project of writing one letter of appreciation each month. The project is called “Write it Forward.

The class is tracking the responses to see where our letters will end up. Click the following link for updates.


In our project, we ask the recipients to send us an email, here are the responses from October.

October 18

I am responding to the letter I received from my daughter as part of a class assignment. I think the letter writing project is a great idea. I don’t mind telling you I was extremely moved by the letter. I realize you are not responsible for the content but the idea was very nice. To receive a heartfelt letter from her means so much to me! To me, the letter writing project is already a success. Although not much of a letter writer myself (i.e. never), I will attempt to formulate a “few kind words” and “write it forward.”

Hanover, MA