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Author Bio: John Rex is a renowned expert in the world of digital signage.He has helped many companies, big and small, with digital solutions that meet their needs. Also, he knows where to get the best free digital signage.
We are all trying to make it ‘big’ in this world and so it is always great to check out a new idea that could make you a little (or maybe a lot of) extra cash. One such great idea is reselling digital signage.

A little back story…

Reselling digital signage is a lovely new idea fronted by the digital signage manufacturers. You know that large companies are always trying to connect with their end user in a personal way in order to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Now, this can be hard if you are a multi-million dollar global company, right?

So the initial response was to open as many distribution centers as they could from which they could get their product to the end user. The challenge with this system was that while the manufacturers could deliver parts of the signage solution, they had little (if any) knowledge about how to deliver an entire solution that could consumers could regard as value adding. To fix this gap, one of the solutions developed was partnering with resellers.

So what exactly is reselling?

Reselling digital signage involves partnering with larger companies to essentially be a distributor of their digital signage solutions. Small local businesses interested in getting digital signage solutions will often buy a screen, download the best free digital signage software they can get and try to run their signage on their own.

What you will be offering is something better than a glorified power point presentation in the name of digital signage. You will be able to offer high quality hardware and software, as well as after-sale support at a very affordable rate to these small businesses. That way, they will be able to get the best digital signage their money can buy.

Sounds like a big task…

It can sound daunting but the large companies that are seeking out resellers are also interested in you succeeding. So, most of them offer support in terms of trainings, marketing materials and technical support. That way, you will not have to struggle to handle whatever issues your clients may have.

What’s in it for me?

If you are going to get into a business, it only makes sense to know how it will profit you. Resellers purchase the digital signage solutions at a discounted rate and sell them at a suggested retail price. That way, you get back the capital spent and make a little bit of extra money. Some companies can offer up to 40% off on your purchases so you can make as much profit as you can.

Long-term prospects

The global digital signage market has been on a steady rise since its launch. Part of the greatest contributors to this growth, are small and medium sized companies that are getting on the digital signage bandwagon. After all, we are all moving towards faster and easier solutions and digital signage provides that for the sign industry.

Therefore, until every business in every global region has bought into digital signage, the revenue should keep going up for the large signage manufacturers and trickle down to resellers like you.