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It only seems appropriate to dedicate the FIRST My Town Tutors blog to my parents, who were the best teachers I ever had.
Randy Pausch, in his book The Last Lecture, wrote that he won the parent lottery. I want to share with you four of the many reasons why my brothers and I feel like we won the parent lottery too.
1. My parents were teachers who valued education. Both my parents were Boston public school educators. From a very early age, we acquired a thirst for knowledge. We camped in many states (life on teacher’s salaries) and travelled across the country. We toured the battlefields of Gettysburg, saw the Grand Canyon, and walked the Freedom Trail in Boston.
We always knew the importance of education in and out of the classroom. All four Molloy boys graduated from college and earned advanced degrees in different fields. My mom never got the doctor she may have hoped for, but she can say that all herr children have earned college and Master’s degrees.
2. My parents nurtured our interests. Our parents allowed each of us to pursue our own path in life. With guidance and support along the way, we all followed our interests. Two brothers studied abroad. One owns an international company, while the other works in international banking. My oldest brother followed his passion for sports to work for the Pawtucket Red Sox and has enjoyed a career as a college Sports Information Director and high school Athletic Director. I followed my parents’ footsteps to become a teacher and coach.
3. My parents were great role models. We never had to ask our parents what we should do in a situation. My parents set a great example in their daily living.
My parents often assisted family and friends who needed a hand up. My parents would work with them and sometimes let them stay with us for a few months until they got their feet under them. When my Nana had Alzheimer’s Disease, my parents made sure to find time to provide the extra support my grandfather and grandmother needed.
Through my parents’ example, we all know the importance of helping out others in need.
4. My parents love us and support us. Growing up, and even to this day, we all know that we can count on the love and support of our parents. Whatever challenges life may throw our way, we always are sure that we have at least two people in our corner. Whether it was a skinned knee, a personal or professional setback, or serious illness; our caring parents are supportive in every way possible.
A child needs to know they are loved, even when they have children of their own. We always feel loved and for this we are forever grateful.
Like Randy Pausch, the Molloy boys won the Parent Lottery! We hope you and your children did too!
Thanks Mom and Dad for being great parents and teachers!! Happy (belated) Birthday Dad!
We love you!
The Molloy Boys.