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Author Bio: Jeff Jacobs is a veteran remote DBA expert so what he writes on should be something to take seriously. He also plays the violin but you may not want to hear that.

When you are thinking about the person or people who are going to be managing your database, you need to think long and hard about the kind of people you are working with. I mean, think about it: these people are going to be managing your information without which your business can lose credibility or completely disappear from the business world.

Here’s the checklist

So since we want you to be successful in your business, we have provided you with a checklist of sorts to make sure to choose the best team of remote database experts to work with you.

1. How are they doing money wise?

It may be rather forward to ask but it is important to know how your potential partners in database management are doing financially. They should not be drowning in debt otherwise; they will not be able to provide the best support at market rate.

In addition, if they are broke, they cannot be able to hire and retain the best in the business to work for them. So make sure to check their finances.

2. What are their credentials?

You need to make sure that they are qualified to do their job. Check out the credentials of the staff to ensure that they are capable for the work i.e. their academic qualifications, body of work or awards and commendations if any. Also, ensure that the company is legally registered (so you can sue if they mess up☺).

3. What are others saying about them?

Find out what other businesses are saying about this company. While the website may have a section with comments, you know those are not exactly reliable, right? Find independent sites with ratings for the company’s work check award sites or else get some word of mouth recommendations. You could also ask the company to give you a list of clients it has worked with previously and you can call them to make sure the company is good at what it does.

4. Speed, reliability and continuity

These experts need to be able to respond faster than immediately to your database concerns because every minute the system is down is hundreds of dollars lost. They also need to be available as and when needed, which speaks to their reliability. It can be pretty frustrating and expensive to be unable to reach your service provider when a problem occurs. Such should also be able to guarantee continuous services in terms of regular maintenance.

5. Can they communicate?

This has two dimensions to it: you have the technical communication and the simpler communication. They need to be able to write technical reports and documents that should display their knowledge of the diverse databases, security methods and applications (you can look at these on They also need to be able to explain all these things to a non-technical team in an understandable way.

How much?

You need to get your money’s worth so obviously, you must ask how much all this is going to cost.