Our goal for 2014 is to list 1,000 US teachers who tutor. Last year one our our tutors made $5,000! We would like to help teachers in all 50 states earn extra money tutoring. It is easy to register.
To track our progress we are listing a “tutor of the day” in the following areas:
14 South Shore Tutors: South Shore Massachusetts Tutor of the Day
14 Massachusetts Tutors: Massachusetts Tutor of the Day
My Town Tutors has two simple beliefs.

  1. Teachers are great tutors!
  2. Parents want great tutors for their children!

My Town Tutors was created in Hanover, Massachusetts in 2009 by a high school teacher with one simple goal – to be the #1 resource for US teachers who tutor. We make it easy for parents to connect with a local teacher who tutors. Our goal is to list teachers who tutor in all 50 states.
Our motto is “Teachers are great tutors!”
In 2014, we are listing a tutor of the day in three areas: the South Shore of Massachusetts, the US, and Massachusetts. We hope to find over 1,000 teachers who tutor.
Check back to see if 1,000 teachers tutor in America!
My Town Tutors is a website that connects parents with teachers who tutor. It is FREE for parents to search for a teacher in their area. Please help us find ONE MORE teacher who tutors!
Parents, “teachers are great tutors!” Find one in your area today!
My Town Tutors provides a great service to many groups.
Parents and students can find qualified professional teachers, with unique skills to work with their child. Parents can have complete confidence that the each of the tutors we list in this area has experience teaching students with variety of learning abilities and styles.
Teachers who tutor are a great alternative to the national tutoring franchises. Many of these companies rarely employ teachers, and if they do, the teachers are grossly underpaid. The national franchise tutors are usually college students who have no training or experience working with students. Additionally, these companies charge insanely high fees.
Teachers know the curriculum, content, and state standards. More importantly, teachers know children. They understand the learning process and the challenges faced by many students. They speak regularly with other teachers and have been trained to use strategies to reach many different learning styles.
“I have seen incredible progress with my child. He went from a failing grade at mid-term to a B+. I have seen improvement in his grades, but more importantly in his self-esteem.” South Shore 10th grade parent.
Teachers can use their education, experience, knowledge, and training to do what they do best, help students achieve academically. At the same time, these teachers can have the flexibility to select their own hours and own rate of pay.
We list teachers from almost every school district on the South Shore. We currently have several teachers who are tutoring students regularly. We even have two high school math teachers who are turning away students because they are so busy.
“Tutoring is a great way to earn extra money. I enjoy the flexibility of selecting hours that fit my schedule. It is also a great way to connect with a student. It so rewarding to hear with pride a student report an improved grade to me!” South Shore Teacher / Math Tutor
Guidance counselors can take one more thing off their busy plates. Guidance counselors no longer have to ask around to find a tutor for a student. Guidance counselors in the South Shore know that qualified teachers are very capable tutors. Now when a parent inquires about a tutor, the guidance department can refer the person to My Town Tutors.
“My Town Tutors has been a great resource for us. In the past we have had difficulty locating tutors for some subjects. Now we have a database of tutors from the entire South Shore. If we do not have a physics tutor in Hanover, we can connect with a Marshfield High or Holbrook High teacher. It has been a great time saver for us!” Hanover High Guidance Counselor
The goal of My Town Tutors is really simple – to make it easy for students and parents to connect with a qualified, local teacher.
Teachers can register for 2 years for only $12. With our special promotion, teachers will be listed on My Town Tutors.  There are no other fees for our service.
My Town Tutors has been tested successfully in the towns South of Boston. We have added some great new features to our website and are ready to provide our service in every state.
We currently have over 250 teachers registered. Most of our teachers are from the South Shore, but we are currently recruiting teachers from all over Massachusetts. Teachers can sign-up today.