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The Regents Prep website is a great resource for US History teachers. The questions can be used for reviews, exams & quizzes, or as a test taking skills activity. A teacher may need to make a few adjustments when using the questions with his or her class.
Below are the questions for the Age of Jackson. The bold selections are the correct answers.
1. At times, the United States Government has passed protective tariffs to
a. encourage foreign trade
b. help the nation’s manufacturers
c. reduce the cost of consumer goods
d. improve the quality of goods
2. . . . the American continents, by the free and independent condition which they have assumed and maintain, are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European powers. . . . President James Monroe, 1823 Which President later built on the idea expressed in this quotation?
a. Abraham Lincoln
b. Theodore Roosevelt
c. Harry Truman
d. Richard Nixon
3. A major reason for the issuance of the Monroe Doctrine (1823) was to
a. discourage United States trade with Latin America
b. defend the Panama Canal from Great Britain
c. prevent further European colonization in the Caribbean region
d. provide economic aid to Latin American nations
4. During the presidency of Andrew Jackson, the spoils system resulted in
a. federal laws being nullified by the states
b. elected officials rewarding their supporters with government jobs
c. all free males being given the right to vote
d. the end of political corruption in the federal government
5. One way in which the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions (1798) and the South Carolina Ordinance of Nullification (1832) are similar is that each
a. claimed that individual states have the right to interpret federal laws
b. formed part of the unwritten constitution
c. supported the federal government’s power to declare war
d. provided a way for new states to enter the Union
6. During the early 1800s, which factor contributed the most to the start of the Industrial Revolution in the United States?
a. a restriction on European immigration
b. the end of the slave labor system
c. an abundance of natural resources
d. the availability of electricity
7. What was an immediate effect of the completion of the Erie Canal in 1825?
a. Prices increased for food products along the Atlantic Coast.
b. Farmers could more easily ship grain to eastern markets.
c. A territorial conflict began with Canada over the Great Lakes.
d. Railroads were forced to reduce their shipping rates.