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The Regents Prep website is a great resource for US History teachers. The questions can be used for reviews, exams & quizzes, or as a test taking skills activity. A teacher may need to make a few adjustments when using the questions with his or her class.
Below are the questions for Manifest Destiny. The bold selections are the correct answers.
1. The legal basis for the United States purchase of the Louisiana Territory was the
a. power granted to the President to make treaties
b. President’s power as Commander in Chief
c. authority of Congress to declare war
d. Senate’s duty to approve the appointment of ambassadors
2. “Compromise Enables Maine and Missouri To Enter Union” (1820)
“California Admitted to Union as Free State” (1850)
“Kansas-Nebraska Act Sets Up Popular Sovereignty” (1854)
Which issue is reflected in these headlines?
a. enactment of protective tariffs
b. extension of slavery
c. voting rights for minorities
d. universal public education
3. The Louisiana Purchase had great geographic significance for the United States because it
a. reduced British control of North America
b. focused the United States on westward expansion
c. extended United States control over Mexico
d. decreased tensions with Native American Indians
4. The phrase “by military conquest, treaty, and purchase” best describes the
a. steps in the growth of American industry
b. methods used to expand the territory of the United States
c. major parts of President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points
d. causes of the United States entry into the Korean War
5. When President Thomas Jefferson acquired the Louisiana Territory from France, he demonstrated that he had modified his belief that
a. the Constitution should be strictly interpreted
b. the federal government should limit individual rights
c. adding territory would lead to regional rivalries
d. commercial development was the main goal of the federal government
6. During the early 1800s, the United States placed few restrictions on immigration because
a. the Constitution did not allow restrictions
b. labor unions welcomed the new workers
c. southern landowners needed additional workers
d. the industrial economy was creating new jobs
7. Before the Civil War, the principle of popular sovereignty was proposed as a means of
a. allowing states to secede from the Union
b. permitting voters to nullify federal laws
c. deciding the legalization of slavery in a new state
d. overturning unpopular decisions of the Supreme Court
8. Which geographic advantage did the United States gain by purchasing the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803?
a. warm-water ports on the Atlantic coast
b. rich fishing areas in the Great Lakes
c. full control of the Mississippi River
d. vast coal reserves in the region west of Pennsylvania
9. As the United States acquired more land between 1803 and 1850, controversy over these territories focused on the
a. need for schools and colleges
b. failure to conserve natural resources
c. expansion of slavery
d. construction of transcontinental railroads
10. The Seneca Falls Convention of 1848 was mainly concerned with
a. ending slavery in all the states
b. reducing consumption of alcoholic beverages
c. improving treatment of the mentally ill
d. expanding women’s rights
11. I.____________________________________
A. Nullification crisis
B. Kansas-Nebraska Act
C. Dred Scott v. Sanford
D. Election of Lincoln (1860)
Which heading best completes the partial outline?
a. Foreign Policies of the United States
b. Government Policies Toward Native American Indians
c. Consequences of Manifest Destiny
d. Causes of Sectional Conflict
12. In 1862, the Homestead Act and the Pacific Railway Act were passed primarily to
a. achieve Northern victory in the Civil War
b. develop the Midwest and western parts of the country
c. improve the lives of freed slaves
d. expand overseas markets to Asia and Europe
13. The Louisiana Purchase initially presented a dilemma for President Thomas Jefferson because he believed it would
a. lead to war with Great Britain
b. bankrupt the new nation
c. force Native American Indians off their lands
d. violate his strict constructionist view of the Constitution
14. The rapid westward migration caused by the discovery of gold in California led directly to
a. the start of the Civil War
b. the adoption of the Compromise of 1850
c. increased trade through the Panama Canal
d. control of the United States Senate by the slave states
15. Manifest Destiny was used to justify an American desire to
a. limit the number of immigrants entering the country
b. control the area located east of the Appalachian Mountains
c. expand the United States to the Pacific Ocean
d. warn European countries against colonizing Latin America
16. In the 1850s, the phrase “Bleeding Kansas” was used to describe clashes between
a. proslavery and antislavery groups
b. Spanish landowners and new American settlers
c. Chinese and Irish railroad workers
d. Native American Indians and white settlers