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Here are a few lessons, ideas and resources US History I. Hopefully the lessons are clear and useful to some teachers. It is a work in progress. We hope to organize it so it is very user-friendly. Click on the title to see a detailed explanation of the activity. Some include questions and worksheets.

US History I: High School Lessons
Assessment Questions (1)
Database of US History Multiple Choice Questions: This is great resource for selecting questions for quizzes and test. Very useful!
Founding Fathers Quotes (2)

  1. Founding Fathers: 56 Ben Franklin Quotes
  2. Founding Fathers: 55 George Washington Quotes

General Lesson Ideas (3)

  1. Freshmen 1st Day Lesson: Make Your Lives Extraordinary!
  2. Current U.S. Cabinet: The White House
  3. US History Lesson: The INS Citizenship Test
  4. US History: The Lego Battle of New Orleans

Geography Lessons (3)

  1. 4 Great Websites to Test US & World Geography Knowledge
  2. Win a Million! Rags to Riches -13 Colonies Trivia
  3. Geography Quiz: US Geography 22 Questions & Answers

US History Lesson: School House Rocks Videos (10)

(Many of the links below include questions, video, lyrics, and themes in the blog post.

  1. No More Kings (2:57)
  2. Fireworks (3:05)
  3. The Shot Heard ‘Round the World (3:00)
  4. The Preamble (3:00)
  5. Elbow Room (3:01)
  6. I’m Just a Bill (3:01)
  7. Three Ring Government (3:01)
  8. The Great American Melting Pot (2:59)
  9. Mother Necessity (3:00)
  10. Suffering ’til Suffrage (2:59)

American Revolution (4)

  1. Patrick Henry Speech: Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death
  2. Mission US: A Revolutionary Way to Learn HistoryEXCELLENT: Interactive Lesson on the American Revolution created by Mission US (@missionUS). Students role-play and make decisions that impact the final outcome.
  3. US Constitution Quiz: Excellent: This 10 question quiz on the constitution was created by (@Const_Facts). The blog includes the answers.
  4. Articles of Confederation QuizGreat: This is a 20-question quiz was created by (@Const_Facts). Quiz could be used at the start of a unit on the Articles of Confederation to gauge previous knowledge and understanding or as an end of the unit review before test or quiz.

1800s (2)

  1. Alexander Hamilton Aaron Burr Duel Reenactment

Westward Expansion (2)

  1. Lewis & Clark PBS Interactive: Into the Unknown A great way to learn about the expedition of Lewis & Clark.
  2. History PBS Interactive: The Gold Rush: Strike it Rich! – Very Good: Interactive Lesson on the Gold Rush created by PBS Teachers (@PBSTeachers & @PBSLrnMedia). Students assume the role of an individual. The students choose from several options of people from various backgrounds. The choices students make will affect the outcome, determining whether they “Strike It Rich!”

Civil War (3)

  1. National Museum of American History: A History Mystery Excellent. Great Civil War Interactive created by the National Museum of American History (@amhistorymuseum). It has great artifacts and information. This activity could be completed in class or assigned for homework.
  2. Smithsonian Civil War Lesson: Americans at WarExcellent. This is a great interactive website that has some incredible information. It is from the Smithsonian Museum the National Museum of American History (@amhistorymuseum). The blog includes questions and answers for several sections of the exhibit.
  3. 3 Great Civil War Webquest Activities for US History I Teachers