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 “I hate math!” 

“Math is so boring!” 

If you’re a parent or teacher, chances are that you’ve heard this statement over and over from your child. You’re definitely not alone. The studies have shown that around 50% of students in the USA suffer from some form of math anxiety. 

But while it’s common for kids to hate or dislike math, there’s a valid concern underneath all of their protests. And for a parent (or teacher), it’s important to address this concern and ensure that your kids aren’t struggling with math. 

This is where, dear reader, elementary math tutors come in. A professional online mathematics tutor can help your child understand basic concepts and ultimately unleash their full mathematical potential. If you haven’t considered this route before, here are a few tell-tale signs that indicate your child needs virtual math tutors:

They find it hard to understand basic math concepts 

Does your child struggle to understand basic math concepts? Are they far behind their peers in class? 

Low performance and assimilation are often sure-fire signs that your child is struggling with math. That’s why it’s important to bring on a professional who will get to the root of the problem and boost their academic performance. 

They suffer from math anxiety 

As we mentioned earlier, math anxiety is pretty common among students in the USA and across the globe. In some cases, it could stem from poor performance, academic trauma, and other factors. If your child suffers from this problem, it may be time to call in a virtual tutor. 

But how do you know if they have math anxiety? Here are a few physical signs to watch out for:

  • Feeling panicked or stressed
  • Increased heart rate
  • Tense muscles 
  • Sweating and nausea
  • Avoiding any situation that involves math

They get easily distracted 

Let’s face it: math is a pretty technical subject. This means that the chances of your child losing interest halfway through a lesson are pretty high. However, if your child gets distracted all the time (during math classes and no other subject), it’s worth hiring an online tutor. 

These tutors can incorporate engaging strategies into the curriculum and ensure that your kid never misses a beat. 

They have no interest in math

In the same vein, if your child has absolutely no interest in math, it may be time to hire a math tutor that can ignite their interest in math through interactive fun lessons. 

How an Online Math Tutor Can Empower Elementary Students

Now that we’ve established when to bring a virtual tutor onboard, here are some of the ways they can empower elementary students and drive them to academic success:

Building confidence 

Academic failure goes beyond poor grades and failed tests. More often than not, it depletes students’ self-esteem, causing them to shrink into themselves. This self-doubt, in turn, spreads towards other areas of their life and hinders them from reaching important milestones. 

An online math tutor can help young learners build their confidence and self-esteem over time. They’ll teach kids how to think clearly and more efficiently, which leads to effective learning results. As a child’s grades improve, they’ll become much more confident and trust in their own skills. 

Increased communication 

A typical online math class goes beyond learning about numbers and geometric problems. It’s an opportunity for students to learn – not just shapes and figures – but about themselves as well. What areas do they struggle with? What math concepts are easier for them to grasp? 

Since online tutoring sessions are much less formal than conventional classes, kids get an excellent opportunity to introspect, think efficiently, and communicate their thoughts to the adult. In the same vein, since most of these lessons feature only one learner at a time, shy children are encouraged to speak freely with their tutor. This approach fosters communication, collaboration, and ultimately will supercharge their academic performance. 

Personalized instruction

All children have different learning styles. While some kids may be visual learners, others may be auditory. Unfortunately, most traditional classrooms can’t afford to cater to these individual differences. As a result, some students get left behind their peers, which leads to lower performance in class. 

With an online math tutor, young learners get access to a personalized curriculum tailored to their specific learning needs and goals. More importantly, a tutor can incorporate engaging strategies to help make the lessons more fun and interactive. 

One-on-one attention 

Traditional classrooms can be beneficial. But even the best classes are often limited by the size and sheer amount of students. The average class could contain as many as 20 students at a time! 

Even the best math teachers will struggle to give each child their undivided attention and focus. This means that struggling students may continue to lag behind their peers. 

As mentioned earlier, online math lessons are typically one-on-one (except for group sessions). This allows a tutor to give students their complete attention and focus. Ultimately, they’ll be able to spot any learning gaps or problem areas and fill those gaps as quickly as possible. 

More importantly, taking math lessons with an online tutor allows kids to learn at their own pace, without external or internalized pressure. 

Positive encouragement

Every now and then, kids need an extra dash of motivation or positive reinforcement, especially when it comes to math. Beyond teaching basic math concepts, an online tutor can provide them with some much-needed reassurance and encouragement. 

This goes a long way in ensuring that a kid believes in themselves and their math skills. And you know what that ultimately leads to? Increased confidence, a new-found love for math, and zero math anxiety! 

Final Thoughts 

Elementary school is one of the most important stages of child development. It’s when children pick up new skills and get introduced to some core math concepts which can set them up for academic success. 

So, why not hire a math tutor to provide math help at this crucial stage? With an online math tutor, kids get increased self-confidence and overall, learning becomes more effective – all of the factors that are essential for academic excellence!