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Unbreakable E:60 (15:52) This clip deals with depression in high school students. The inspiring story of Jordan Burnham’s experiences with depression and suicide and how he is rebuilding his life. (72,000 views)
Here are the notes from this section: Please excuse the roughness of them.
Son of 2 educators, started high school in 2004.
Family talks about success. The pressure on high school sports. Wanted to
Put unattainable goals:
9th grade class president
10th Driving test – snapped at driving instruction and dad. Thoughts of taking his own life
18.1 million depressed
Dad “like a cold”
Loss of interest in things that usually make you happy. Star player his senior year.
What is wrong – “I’m tired” brings in a duffle bag of alcohol
“I am no good, I am not a good son”
Barricaded the door.
Jumped out the window. Hit the ground going 50 miles an hour. Many breaks in coma for 5 days.
Sister “What happened?” You went out the window.
Every 2 hours a person under 25
Little by little he kept setting goals for himself.
“There is a reason for me to be hear. Sharing your story so others know you are not alone.”
“Jimmy is dead in the garage.”
Ganley Foundation Foundation
“Such a good kid, he should not have died by himself.”
Suicide is not an act of choice – mental illness that is undiagnosed or untreated.
Turn a setback into a triumph – “we are going to do something to make this better.”
Least likely to be suffering. He has a second chance.
My goal: To walk at graduation. The only thing I see is my Dad. His proudest moment. I can’t get to the last step without my Dad being there.
“Thanks for being here dad. I love you.” I will never let you fall again. Depression is more about what is going on in the inside. Fell confident talking about what is going on.
Jordan still battles depression.