My Town Tutors is a website that connects parents with teachers who tutor. If you are a teacher who tutors, consider registering with us. Teachers set the hourly rate and keep 100% of the fees! One of our teachers made $5,000 last year tutoring.
It is FREE for parents to search for a teacher in their area. Please help us find ONE MORE teacher who tutors!
Twitter is about sharing useful information with your followers, but we all have limited time, so we cannot be in front of the computer every minute. So how do you continue to tweet, when you are living your life away from the computer?…Twuffer.
Twuffer was introduced to us several months ago in response to one of my tweets along the lines of “how do you tweet so often?” The person responded with “I use twuffer.” Since that day we have fallen in love with this tool and use it regularly.

Twuffer allows you to schedule tweets. The content of My Town Tutors is geared to educators and parents. We love jokes, the worse the better. Twuffer has allows us to schedule a school joke of the day (6:00 AM daily). Twuffer always us to share information daily whether we are on vacation, in a meeting, or sleeping. We like to provide useful information to our followers all the time. Twuffer easily allows us to provide regular, consistent content.
We also are making a big deal about our @mytowntutorsNW account. This account has been active for several weeks. We have not tweeted and will post our first tweet on July 4th. We will be using twuffer to schedule this very important tweet.