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It is FREE for parents to search for a teacher in their area. Please help us find ONE MORE teacher who tutors!
There is one resource that we often use EVERY DAY – JustUnfollow! (In the future, we are hoping to us this great resource less and less by following fewer accounts.)
JustUnfollow is a resource let’s you know who is not following you. When we were young and naive, we followed TOO MANY accounts. As a result, we were following way more accounts than were following us. In our opinion, this is not desirable. We strive for a 1:1 ratio, if not better.
This is where JustUnfollow was a tremendous help to us.
Just Unfollow is a service that identifies who is not following you. JustUnfollow would identify the accounts that were not following us for FREE! We would simply go to and login with our twitter account.
Just Unfollow presents very useful information including, the number of accounts not following us and a list of these accounts from oldest to newest.  All we have to do is quickly click unfollow for 25, 50, or 100 accounts! You can unfollow several accounts in under a minute.
When you hit your daily limit, you can either upgrade for a fee to be able to unfollow more accounts, or you can wait 24 hours and complete the process again for free.
Just Unfollow is GREAT and it is FREE!
My Town Tutors have stopped following ALL our non-followers on the following accounts.

Great Ratio Accounts (as of 6/20/2013)

@mytowntutorsNW – 0 following  / 10 followers
@mytowntutorsNE – 4 following  / 403 followers
@mytowntutorsma – 2,292 following  / 2,438 followers
@mytowntutors – 4,363 following  / 4,875 followers

We need to do a little more work on the following accounts.

Poor Ratio Accounts (as of 6/20/2013)

@mytowntutorsMI – 498 following  / 121 followers
@mytowntutorsFL – 1,290 following  / 357 followers
We are hoping over the summer to improve the ratios of ALL our accounts by using some great twitter tips we have acquired over the years.
When a respectable ratio is established, accounts can focus their time and energy on  providing great content in the form of quotes, blogs, and guest blogs.
When we provide great resources for parents, teachers, and education, we will attract desirable accounts to follow @mytowntutors.