My Town Tutors believes “Teachers are Great Tutors” and that less is more when it comes to following on twitter.
In terms of following, some accounts join twitter and immediately feel the need to follow anyone and everyone. These accounts develop a poor following-to-follower ratio and are constantly fighting an uphill battle to get back to a 1-to-1 ratio.
Our advice: for AT LEAST the first month, follow NO MORE than one account per day.
Research the accounts, understand their goals and their audience and if these are consistent with your philosophy, follow them. Do not be tempted to follow anymore accounts EXCEPT…. solid accounts that follow you.
We have 2 experiments to test our hypothesis.
1. Follow ONE Account per day. Several of our state accounts are trying this approach.  @MyTownTutorsNE which is following one account a day for the next year after unfollowing over 500 accounts – EXTREME twitter tip: Unfollow Everyone!
For the next 365 @MyTownTutorsNE will follow one twitter account each day. A great deal of time and thought goes into the selection of which accounts to follow. Click here to see an updated list of  the elite accounts being followed by @MyTownTutorsNE.
2. Follow ONE account per week. @MyTownTutorsNW follows 2 accounts per week for a year. One is an education account, the other an account for parents. We hope to establish solid and deep relationships with elite accounts with similar goals. To see who we are currently following, check out our 1st 52 page.
Please follow these accounts to see if our theory works! We listed them in the order of  the highest ratio to lowest ration. We would love feedback!
The numbers are based on information on August 15, 2013.

  1. @mytowntutorsfl 1 : 289 (1 following: 289 followers)
  2. @mytowntutorsMI 1 : 18.6 (6 following: 81 followers)
  3. @MyTownTutorsNE 1 : 18.3 (22 following: 403 followers)
  4. @mytowntutorsNW 1 : 13.5 (6 following: 81 followers)
  5. @mytowntutorsTX 1 : 2.3 (12 following: 30 followers)
  6. @mytowntutorsMA 1 : 1 (2,642 following: 2,600 followers)
  7. @mytowntutors 1 : 1 (5,128 following: 5,118 followers)
  8. @MyTownTutorsNY 1 : .19 (123 following: 24 followers) (We need to use justunfollow to establish a better ratio)

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Parents, “teachers are great tutors!” Find one in your area today!