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365 SEO Tips for Small Business
Twitter is about building relationships, so you want to have a philosophy on how you greet your followers. You probably will have no more than a few followers a day, so it is worth it to give a sincere personal greeting.
Some tips for greeting followers.
1. Keep is simple:

  • Welcome we love #teachers and #parents!
  • Thanks for connecting! Have a great day!

2. Share their mission:

  • @mytowntutorsNY What a great resource for #NY #parents and #teachers! Keep up the great work!
  • @mytowntutors Thanks for connecting. Looks like a great resource for teachers who tutors
  • @mytowntutorsMA We love #Boston and #Massachusetts #teachers! Go Red Sox!

3. Share a Blog or a Page:

4. Share your mission:

  • Welcome! We love #teachers. Know any who tutor?
  • Welcome! We make it easy for parents to connect with local teachers who tutors

5. Ask for a guest blog:

  • Welcome. We love #moms. Any interest in sharing your knowledge with a guest blog. We would love to share!
  • Thanks for connecting! Any interest in writing a guest blog for us?