My Town Tutors makes it easy for parents to connect with local teachers who tutor. Parents can search for FREE!  Teachers can register anytime. We are always looking to great teachers who tutors.
My Town Tutors has a goal: A Teacher who Tutors in Every US Town.
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For the next few months we will be working with ZumFun to help them develop a more effective twitter marketing plan. ZumFun is a website that make believes Learning is Fun – Keep it That Way! – Learning needs to be dynamic, multidirectional, interactive and fun. ZumFun is building the tools to prove this.”
One of their top learning tools is Exam Elf. A tool that helps students master. Follow for @ExamElf on twitter for the latest updates! “Exam Elf takes the key exam skills learned in expensive math test preparation classes and teaches them in a fun, mobile app. Available on iTunes#edtech

1. What is the main goal of Exam Elf and Zum Fun?
Learning needs to be dynamic, multidirectional, interactive and fun. ZumFun is building the tools to prove this.We cannot capture the heads and hearts of our students if we use legacy techniques that are static, linear, one way or boring.
Who is your audience?
We have 3 main target audiences.  Parents, students and teachers.  Our math app Exam Elf is designed for students in Grades 4-8, their parents and teachers. We are very happy to be sponsoring the 180 school jokes for parents, teachers, and students to enjoy!
What will you tweet? Exam Elf is passionate about providing access to education for all children, not just those who can afford it.  We’ll be posting and sharing interesting articles on current affairs, developments from thought leaders and well respected edtech captains.  We aim to keep our supporters up to date with the latest happenings at ZumFun and our app Exam Elf.
4. What is your follow policy? We love to follow like minded individuals and organizations that share our passion for education and developing tomorrows leaders.  We love it when teachers follow us as it’s recognition that our content is relevant.
5. What is your time commitment? We currently set aside 1 hour each morning to plan our tweets for that day, read the latest articles and posts from our community.  We then monitor Twitter throughout the day and evening.
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