Twitter is an incredible tool for connecting with others and sharing information.
My Town Tutors is a company that helps parents connect with local teachers who tutor. The goal of our website is to be a great resource for parents and educators. We use our national twitter account (@mytowntutors) to help us reach our goal. In addition we have several state accounts: @mytowntutorsMA, @mytowntutorsMI, @mytowntutorsFL, & @mytowntutorsTX.
Our goal is to connect with educators and parents on a national and local level. We share blog posts and tweets that are of interest to these groups. We have a connected educators page of awesome twitter accounts for teachers.
Each state director has experience and knowledge in education within a specific state. We hope each account becomes a thought leader in education and parenting.
If you are a parent, teacher, educator, or student we would love to connect with you on twitter and hopefully we can help each other grow personally and professionally.
If you are a teacher who tutors, for a limited time, you can register for FREE using promo code: usteachers. “Teachers are great tutors!” Teachers keep 100% of the profits! If you are a teacher PLEASE join! We need great teachers who tutor to be the #1 resource in America for parents looking for tutors!