Guest Author: Woody Webster – Education Enthusiast & Founder of Successful London Tutoring Agency. TutorCruncher Addict! Designed & Created TutorCruncher with a Team of Fellow Educators and Technology Experts.

TutorCruncher is innovative agency management software designed for tutor agencies. We thought we’d blog about it on this forum to give it some exposure to tutors as it’s a great resource for both agencies and tutors alike.

Since launching a few months ago, TutorCruncher has quickly become the UK’s top provider of software specifically designed for the tutoring industry. It’s an exciting time for us as now we’re going global! The system’s main features such as client and tutor management, billing and the live jobs board takes the hassle out of dealing with the administration that naturally comes from running a people orientated organization.

Sort, search, shake, allocate, dislocate, you name it, TutorCruncher tutor profiles can do it. Tutors have the opportunity to simply create an effective profile, outlining their qualifications to work experience with photo uploads of themselves. The software also provides tutors with access to assigned tutoring resources which can complement your teaching materials. With our new TutorCruncher App you can even keep on top of the latest jobs on the go enabling you to get the jobs you want faster. The app is available for download for Android and Apple and available from either app store.

We love TutorCruncher and we’re confident you will too. If you believe you know of an agency that would appreciate the technology that will streamline their business then we’d love to hear from you! If any tutors recommend TutorCruncher to their agencies they are very welcome to commission.

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