My Town Tutors has been working with Divstrong Productions to make it easy for a teacher to update their profile. If a teacher accepts a job at a new school or moves to another city, or even state, it is easy to change a school or  “tutor location.”
All a teacher needs to do is click on the “tutor log-in” option at the top right hand corner of the page. (If a tutor has forgotten the password, simply select the lost password option and enter the email used to register the account.)
How does the “tutor location” feature work and what makes it so amazing?
My Town Tutors has a database of over 100,000 schools! We have a listing of almost every public school in the United States and many private schools. (My next blog will explain how we can add any school that is not listed in our database.) Originally when a teacher registered, the only option was to select their “teaching school” as the tutoring location. In many cases, this was perfectly fine, however in some cases, this created a huge problem.
For example, I am a graduate of Boston College High School in Massachusetts. Teachers from B.C. High live in many different Greater Boston areas. Some live on the South Shore. Others live on the North Shore. Some even live as far as Worcester, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. For these teachers, it might make more sense to tutor in their hometown (or state), as opposed to the town where they teach.
To correct this problem, we added the “tutor location” feature to our registration process. It only takes a few seconds to complete and creates so much flexibility for the teacher.
The teacher first selects a “teaching school.” This is the school of employment. It is very important because it allows My Town Tutors to verify that the individual is in fact a teacher.
After selecting the “teaching school,” the teacher has the option of selecting a “tutoring location.”  The “tutor location” choice allows the teacher to select an additional location other than the work school. For example in Quincy we have 11 schools currently listed. If a Boston teacher lives in Quincy and wants to tutor in Quincy, the “tutor location” choice would be a school in Quincy. So if a parent searches for a tutor in Quincy, the Boston teacher will be one of the possible candidates for the parent. (This teacher still has the option of being listed as a tutor in Boston too!)
Teacher feedback was the inspiration for creating of the “tutor location” option. The added flexibility of selecting two tutoring locations is helping us improve our ability to connect parents with teachers who tutor. We appreciate feedback and will do our best to provide a great service for both parents and teachers.
We are always looking for great teachers who tutor. Any teacher who is interested in tutoring can join our exclusive network of teachers who tutor. The cost of membership for ONE full year is only $12. There are no other fees for our service.
Teachers keep 100% of the tutoring fees.
Thanks for taking the time to read this post and remember…..“Teachers are great tutors!”