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Current list of top teachers using social media by state!

  1. @pernilleripp (18,300 followers) Living a fantastic life being a 5th gr. teacher, mother to 3 fantastic monsters and soul mate to an incredible man. Creator of the Global Read Aloud. Madison, WI · 114, 462
  2. @PrincipalJ (15,200 followers) Elementary Principal, Twitter Evangelist, passionate about learning/daily5/cafe/instructional leadership, comoderator of #educoach chat, mom of 2 boys rural Wisconsin ·
  3. @sjgorman (14,800 followers) Blessed beyond measure.  Apple Distinguished Educator Innovation Specialist Wisconsin :) USA ·
  4. @WEAC (7,300 followers) Wisconsin Education Association Council ÜT: 43.035197,-89.427211 ·