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Top 100 Teachers on TwitterTop Education Blogs
We have some great blogs for teachers

Current list of top teachers using social media by state! Top Educators are ranked by number of followers.

  1. Top US Educators: Our list of US Connected Educators of the Day. We add to this regularly.
  2. Top Massachusetts Educators: Our list of Massachusetts Connected Educators of the Day. We add to this regularly.

Washington D.C.: Washington D.C. Teachers are Great Tutors!

  1. @arneduncan (169,000 followers)The official Twitter page of the US Secretary of Education Washington, DC ·
  2. @NEAToday (111,00 followers) The National Education Association’s official publication, committed to a great public education for all students. Get free resources, news & more! Washington DC ·
  3. @rweingarten (40,200 followers) American Federation of Teachers president, committed to improving schools, hospitals and public institutions for children, families and communities. Washington, DC ·
  4. @edvotes (29,800 followers) A community of activists committed to advancing education policies focused on building great public schools and benefiting all students. Washington, DC ·
  5. @gwynethjones (19,500 followers) Teacher-Librarian, LJ Mover & Shaker, GCT, ISTE Board of Directors, Speaker, Blogger, SL Steampunk, Den★, Xtc Fan, Pop Culture Ho, Cinephile, Geek, & Goofball! DC Metro & Baltimore
  6. @AFTunion (18,300 followers) We’re 1.5 million teachers, paraprofessionals/school-related personnel, higher ed faculty, gov’t employees, & healthcare workers making a difference every day. Washington, DC ·
  7. @NEAMedia (17,000 followers) Media team for the National Education Association, sharing #education and NEA news. Washington, DC ·
  8. @changeequation (15,900 followers) A non-partisan, CEO-led initiative to connect and align efforts to improve STEM learning in the United States. Washington D.C. ·
  9. @smithsonianedu (15,200 followers) Resources for teachers and their classrooms from the Smithsonian Institution. Terms of use: Washington, DC ·
  10. @priorityschools (12,700 followers) Professional educators working with schools, families, communities and government in a movement to significantly increase student success in priority schools. Washington, DC ·
  11. @TeacherSabrina (8,500 followers) Teacher-turned-advocate for kids, teachers & communities. Pro-#edreform that works for real people, not corporate interests. Tweets = mine, RTs ≠ endorsements. Washington, DC ·
  12. @TeacherBeat (1,236 followers) I cover teachers for Education Week newspaper and write our Teacher Beat blog. Washington, D.C. ·