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Happy 4th of July. We wanted to share some great website on America’s Independence Day. We hope you enjoy!

  1. @NatlParkService (116,000 followers) America’s Best Idea USA
  2. @amhistorymuseum (76,600 followers) Real Stories. Real Stuff. At the @Smithsonian‘s National Museum of American History. Our blog: Terms: Smithsonian, Washington, D.C. ·
  3. @PatriotCast (5,735 followers) PatriotCast is a historical online reenactment of the American Revolution. For eight years it will give a day by day account of the War. Tweets by @JPhase. Boston ·
  4. @TheBostonPops (2,450 followers) Welcome to the official Twitter feed of the Boston Pops. Boston, MA.
  5. @TheFreedomTrail (2,400 followers) The official tweets regarding the Freedom Trail Foundation – the non-profit organization responsible for promoting The Freedom Trail, Boston’s historic path. Boston ·
  6. @TJeffersonQuote (2,090 followers) Third President of the United States! Patriot! United States of America.
  7. @AmRevMuseum (1,719 followers) Establishing The Museum of the American Revolution in the historic area of Philadelphia to tell the complete story of the American Revolution & its legacy. Philadelphia, PA ·
  8. @PapersofGW (1,566 followers) The official voice of George Washington on Twitter! Editing 140,000 of his documents in 63 volumes and counting. University of Virginia ·
  9. @RevolutionDaily (650 followers) We send out a daily tweet of inspirational Revolutionary War history & significant events. Liberty, History, Declaration of Indpendence, Constitution, Patriot Orange CA ·
  10. @ColonialBytes (512 followers) A Daughter of The American Revolution, Professional Writer and Photographer, Historian and Geneologist. Colonial Reinactor. Colorado ·
  11. @56Signers (305 followers) Joseph D’Agnese & Denise Kiernan, authors of Signing Their Lives Away: The Fame & Misfortune of the Men Who Signed the Declaration of Independence. Asheville|NYC|13 Colonies ·