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Our most popular posts have been our list of “perfect” educators to follow. It was easy for us because the only requirement was that the account receive a perfect score of 100 / 100 from tweet grader. We would plug in the account and if it scored 100 / 100, we listed the account with the twitter name and the twitter profile.
Unfortunately, Hubspot no longer offers this twitter analysis. The tweet grader page does not exist. So we ended our list with “160 Perfect” educators.
When we started our list @mytowntutors did not score 100%, however we are proud of connections we using social media and over time we did achieve the perfect score. It is an honor to be included in this impressive list of educational resources.
@mytowntutors “Teachers are GREAT tutors! We connect parents with local teachers who tutor. Teachers keep 100% of fees. Boston, Massachusetts and USA ·
Below are a list of educators that we feel connected educators around the world should follow. Current list of top teachers using social media by state!
Rhode Island Education Accounts. Ranked by number of followers!

  1. @NEARhodeIsland (251 followers) Remarkable blend of union and professional organization, with a proud history of serving Rhode Island. Since 1845.
  2. @PC_RI (1,800 followers) Government Relations Director of NEARI, the largest union in #RhodeIsland but tweets are my own. #RI#Union#Politics#1u Rebel Base, Saylesville, RI
  3. @NEARI_Politics (854 followers) the political feed for National Education Association Rhode Island.
  4. @deborahgist (10,100 followers) A teacher who happens to be Commissioner of Education for the state of Rhode Island.
  5. @mytowntutors (7,400 followers) Teachers are GREAT tutors! We connect parents with local teachers who tutor. Teachers keep 100% of fees. FREE to search. Boston, Massachusetts & USA
  6. @ShawnCRubin (2,859 followers) Focused on #edtech integration & #blendedlearning. Running PD @highlanderinst & building mobile #formativeassessment apps @MyMetryx w/ #EdtechRI#EdUnderground Providence, RI
  7. @runningdmc (2,148 followers) Laughing, learning, running, and saving the world, one student at a time. Follow me for: education, sustainability, and all things green.Rhode Island
  8. @EGHSPrincipalRI (1,939 followers) Principal of East Greenwich High School 02818. Looking to share and implement new ideas in education to empower students, educators & school communities. East Greenwich Rhode Island
  9. @RichDrolet (1,465 followers) middle school principal, father, coach, love sports and music. Rhode Island/Massachusetts
  10. @jwaters1607 (740 followers) 2013 Rhode Island Teacher of the Year. Board member at Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy. Rhode Island
  11. @mjhobin (720 followers) Principal, Coventry High School. Coventry, Rhode Island
  12. @InspireMindsRI (705 followers) VIPS Inspiring Minds vision is that all Providence public school students have an equal chance at academic success.
  13. @GinaPicard (555 followers) Supervisor K-12 Literacy & Social Studies Providence School Dept., North Providence School Committee Vice Chair. RI
  14. @blendedri Educator of children in #STEAM, #blendedlearning and how to stay balanced in the digital age. The views posted here are mine alone. Providence, RI
  15. @larry_purtill (550 followers) National Education Association Rhode Island President
  16. @unionsri (530 followers) RI AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer; Political Director, RI Federation of Teachers and Health Professionals. Views expressed here are my own. Rhode Island
  17. @ameyer1026 (517 followers)  Principal, Archie R. Cole Middle School , RI NASSP State Coordinator. East Greenwich, RI.
  18. @riascd (442 followers) Rhode Island ASCD supports professional learning with exemplary programs, services, and partnerships influence policies and practices in education. Rhode Island
  19. @DanielPSeger (395 followers) Assistant Principal @ Archie R. Cole Middle School, East Greenwich, Rhode Island
  20. @RIASP6 (385 followers) The Rhode Island Association of School Principals is the most recognized, influential, and respected organization of and for school leaders. #riasp Providence, RI 02908
  21. @TimVesey (365 followers) Western Hills Middle School, Cranston, RI Assistant Principal, former Science teacher, wrestling coach@Carrie_Sorensen (364 followers) A 1st grade teacher in an urban environment interested in technology integration in the classroom #fuseri RI.
  22. @eghsbiz (362 followers) RI 2014 Teacher of the Year– East Greenwich High School Business & Computer Technology Educator. 2016 Class Advisor. 7+ Careers in My Lifetime…
  23. @ColleenMercurio (304 followers) Principal of Cedar Hill Elementary School in Warwick RI, President of RI Association of School Principals, RI Educational Leader
  24. @RISCATweets (300 followers)
  25. @JudithLundsten (274 followers) Superintendent. Cranston, Rhode Island
  26. @mrshigginsri (200 followers) RI middle level science teacher for 12 years. I am the President of the RI Science Teachers Association and an NGSS Curator for NSTA.
  27. @deb_ramm (140 followers) Mom, wife, Grade 4 Teacher, NBCT, PAEMST State Finalist 2014, Math/Science/Tech. Rhode Island
  28. @RI_STA (124 followers) RI Science Teachers Association provides networking opportunities and professional development to all RI teachers of science from Kindergarten through college. Rhode Island
  29. @jsantangelo13 (121 followers) Vice President of the Cranston Teachers’ Alliance and a math teacher at Western Hills Middle School in Cranston, Rhode Island.