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Grade Success has agreed to partner with us in a Social Media Makeover. Our New York director, Craig, will be working closely with Grade Success to develop a top-notch social media strategy.
With any long term project, it is important to remember it is not a sprint but a marathon. The many hours of training, will pay dividends when the runner, in this case, Grade Success, crosses the social media marathon finish line.
1. Before Joining Twitter (5)

  1. Remember: It’s Not a Sprint, It is a Marathon
  2. 5 Questions for Social Media Users
  3. Define Your #1 Goal!
  4. Define Your Audience
  5. Evaluate Social Media with Hubspot

2. Create Great Content (6)

  1. Write a Blog: How to Write A First Blog: 5 Simple Tips
  2. Evaluate Your Blog with Hubspot
  3. Blog Like the Big Dogs! 7 Tips for Rookie Bloggers
  4. A Share Button Can Make a World of Difference to A Blog
  5. Be a Publisher with Paper.li
  6. How important is a Blog Title?

3. Joining Twitter (7)

  1. Just Tweet
  2. Social Media Makeover: Write Mission Tweets
  3. Who to Follow 1st on Twitter
  4. Social Media Makeover: First Following Tips
  5. Social Media Makeover: Follow the Leaders
  6. Social Media Makeover: Establish A Following Ratio
  7. Social Media Makeover: 3 Keys to Doubling Your Followers

4. Twitter Tips & Guidelines (7)

  1. 5 Keys to Creating a Positive Digital Footprint
  2. Establish Following Guidelines
  3. 3 tips for #FFs
  4. To Follow or Not to Follow? That is the Question!
  5. 4 Simple Tips for Interactions
  6. Social Media Makeover: Twuffer & Time Management
  7. Social Media Success: Create Constant & Consistent Traffic

5. Develop Strong Relationships (2)

  1. Social Media Success: Develop Strong Relationships
  2. Connect with One Quality Account Each Day!

6. Create Revenue (2)

  1. Locate Sponsors Interested in Your Target Audience
  2. Post a Math Joke of the Day and a Teacher Joke of the Day

7. Extreme Experiments (3)

  1. Social Media EXTREME Makeover: Unfollow Everyone!
  2. EXTREME TWITTER TIP: Follow Everyone
  3. Take a Virtual Vacation