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Current list of top teachers using social media by state!
New Jersey:

  1. @E_Sheninger (71,000 followers) Senior Fellow at @RigorRelevance ~ Principal, Learner, Google Certified Teacher, Adobe Education Leader, Author, Speaker, #digilead | Thoughts are my own. Staten Island, NY
  2. @willrich45 (53,000 followers) Parent, author, speaker, instigator, blogger about social Web tools and their effects on schools, education and learning. Flemington, New Jersey ·
  3. @tonnet (10,100 followers) #Teacher Milton Ramirez tweets: #Education, Technology, Math, Physics, Social Media, Translation, Blogging & Citizen Journalism [RTs aren’t endorsements.] Union, NJ ·
  4. @kjarrett (19,900 followers) Father, husband, Google Certified K-4 technology teacher leveraging social media in education. Blogger, workshop leader, lifelong learner, relentless optimist! Northfield, NJ USA ·
  5. @wkrakower (5,225 followers) NJ educator, Ed Tech Consultant/Presenter, co-moderator of #satchat & #njed Organizer #edcampnj. Partner @EvolvingEd LLC, #Edmodo CT, 2014 ASCD Emerging Leader North, New Jersey