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Massachusetts Education: Educator of the Day. A list of elite Massachusetts Educators on Twitter. Top Massachusetts Teachers on Twitter.
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January 1, 2014: @patrickmlarkin (27,500 followers) Blog: Patrick Larkin is Perfect for Massachusetts Teachers

January 2, 2014: @AngelaCristiani (2,550 followers) Angela Cristiani is Awesome for Boston Educators Awesome for Boston Educators
January 3, 2014: @dancallahan (12,000 followers)
January 4, 2014: @NormandinBill (3,850 followers) Educator of the Week Profile, Guest Blog: All Kids Can Succeed Be the “1″
January 5, 2014: @ncarroll24 (2,375 followers) Educator of the Week, 4th Grade Teachers Connect Via Twitter
January 6, 2014: @SimplySuzy (3,900 followers) @SimplySuzy: Simply Amazing for Massachusetts Teachers!
January 7, 2014: @mytowntutors (5,900 followers) Blog: Massachusetts Teachers are Great Tutors!
January 8, 2014: @massteacher (5,500 followers) Blog: MTA is Great for Massachusetts Teachers

January 9, 2014: @peterhreynolds (9,200 followers) Educator of the Week, Celebrate International Dot Day with Peter H. Reynolds!
January 10, 2014: @theteacherpage (14,000 followers)
January 11, 2014: @GlobeEducation (4,150 followers)
January 12, 2014: @MassEducation (6,200 followers)
January 13, 2014: @thomasdaccord (5,350 followers)
January 14, 2014: @SeekonkAP_Jones (197 followers) Blog: Blogging for the Purpose of Education…Who Benefits?
January 15, 2014: @EdTechTeacher21 (5,500 followers)