Town Tutors is making a huge commitment to be the #1 tutoring resource for parents and teachers in America. Our motto is “Teachers are great tutors!” Parents love the fact that every teacher in our directory is a teacher! This summer we are expanding to all 50 states!
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If you are a teacher who tutors, register with us for just $12 for a year. This is the only fee! Teachers keep 100% of the money.
Parents, “teachers are great tutors!” Find one in your area today!
Also check out a list of Top 500 U.S. Teachers on Twitter!
The accounts are listed by Educators of the Week, individuals who have submitted guest blogs, and finally number of twitter followers.

  1. @patrickmlarkin (38.3K followers) Asst. Supt. for @BurlMASchools NASSP National Digital Principal Award Winner (2012), Passionate about creating a more relevant education for our students. Burlington, MA · Blog: Patrick Larkin is Perfect for Massachusetts Teachers & Educator of the Week!
  2. @peterhreynolds (17.6 followers) Dot, Ish, Sky Color, The North Star, Going Places, Judy Moody series. FableVision founder. I own an indie bookshop! New book: You and Me Dedham, MA, USA of the Week, Celebrate International Dot Day with Peter H. Reynolds!
  3. @mytowntutors (8.6K followers) Teachers are GREAT tutors! We connect parents with local teachers who tutor. Teachers keep 100% of fees. FREE to search. Boston, Massachusetts & USA · Blog: Top Massachusetts Tutors!
  4. @massteacher (8.6K followers) MTA represents 110K teachers, faculty, professional staff & ESPs working at public schools, colleges and universities across Massachusetts. Boston, Mass. Blog: MTA is Great for Massachusetts Teachers
  5. @SimplySuzy (5.3K followers) Assoc. Dir. of Instructional Tech @ Mashpee Public Schools | MASCD Pres-Elect | FableVision Ambassador | DENStar | MassCUE Pathfinder | SMART Exemplary Educator Cape Cod Canal @SimplySuzy: Simply Amazing for Massachusetts Teachers!
  6. @BurkheadBill (4.8K followers) Father of 2 wonderful children, husband 2 an amazing educator, Principal of The Monomoy Regional HS Sharks@MonomoyRHS Harwich, MA Guest BlogAll Kids Can SUCCEED: Be the “1″ &Educator of the Week Profile
  7. @ncarroll24 (3.9K followers) 4th Gr. teacher who loves using tech in the classroom. Co-Moderator of #4thchat and #elemsci. Looking to learn about & share resources for learning. Massachusetts Educator of the Week, 4th Grade Teachers Connect Via Twitter
  8. @AngelaCristiani (3.5K followers) Political Director ~ @BTU66. School Psychologist. Ballet. Arts. #NPT. Life’s dance requires great shoes! RTs ≠ endorsements. Views expressed are my own. Massachusetts · Blog: Angela Cristiani is Awesome for Boston Educators Awesome for Boston Educators
  9. @theteacherpage (16.2K followers) Quality Resources for Teachers! Comments and Suggestions Welcome! @RobertWHughes Halifax, MA
  10. @dancallahan (15.9K followers) Training & Professional Learning Specialist @massteacher, #edcamp Co-founder, @AntiochNewEng Professor, @edutopia community facilitator, @ASCD Emerging Leader Arlington, MA
  11. @MassEducation (12K followers) Official Twitter account of Massachusetts Secretary of Education Jim Peyser and his staff. Boston, Massachusetts
  12. @thomasdaccord (7.8K followers) EdTechTeacher Director. 15-year HS history teacher. Co-author iPads in the Classroom: From Consumption and Curation to Creation. Helping teachers help students. Boston
  13. @GlobeEducation (5.6K followers) News about K-12 and Higher Education in Massachusetts from the Boston Globe. Boston, MA