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We are very please to announce the opportunity to sponsor some of our most popular posts / pages.

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We are looking for sponsors for the following posts. Companies with specific products can reach many potential clients.
The following post will explain how My Town Tutors and IPractice Math work together to create awareness about each other. 
How it works!
1. Select the Appropriate Blog for your Target Audience:
Our #2 blog for the school was 101 Pi Day Jokes for Math Teachers. IPractice Math determined 101 math jokes was a great opportunity to connect with math teachers to share their product. They contacted us (mark at mytowntutors dot com), discussed a price, and decided to sponsor our 101 Jokes for Math Teachers page.
101 Pi Day Jokes for Math Teachers sponsored by IPractice Math, a great resource for teachers and parents to assist students with learning.
2. Design a Banner for the Top of the Page:
Once deciding on a post to sponsor, the company sends us the HTML code with the banner. The banner is placed at the top of the page with a link directly to the company’s website. The banner is in a very prominent spot, that should attract targeted visitors and potential customers to the website. Between August 1, 2013 and May 31, 2014 there were over 60,000 page views.
3. Write a Brief Business Bio to be Posted at the Top of the Page:
Here is the bio for IPractice Math.
The Pi Day Joke blog is being sponsored by IPractice Math. IPractice Math is a great resource for parents and teachers! It offers learning topics in Algebra, Calculus, Decimals, Fractions, and Consumer Math. Teachers and independent learners can register. here to register.
4. A Share Button that Promoted the Blog and Twitter Accounts:
My Town Tutors will work with your company to design a great tweet that will help bring attention and followers to your twitter account. Each time a person clicks the share button (250+ shares as of 6/1/2014), the following is shared. This is one of the greatest benefits to our sponsors. 
#Math Jokes: 101 Math Jokes for Math #Teachers #mathchat via @iPracticeMath
We include the twitter name (@IpracticeMath), the link to the sponsored blog, as well #s that should target your specific audience.
5. Scheduled Tweets: My Town Tutors will also include tweets throughout the year from our accounts with links back to the blog. We are glad to help spread the word and also will include some #FFs.
Here are a few of the tweets:

We are looking forward to working with companies as we continue our mission to be the #1 tutoring resource for parents in America.