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Top Massachusetts Education Accounts

  1. @patrickmlarkin (36,000 followers) Asst. Supt. for @BurlMASchoolsNASSP National Digital Principal Award Winner (2012), Passionate about creating a more relevant education for our students. Burlington, MA · about.me/PatrickLarkin Blog: Patrick Larkin is Perfect for Massachusetts Teachers
  2. @AngelaCristiani (3,200 followers) Political Director ~ @BTU66. School Psychologist. Ballet. Arts. #NPT. Life’s dance requires great shoes! RTs ≠ endorsements. Views expressed are my own. Massachusetts · angelajcristiani.wordpress.com Blog: Angela Cristiani is Awesome for Boston Educators
  3. @dancallahan (15,200 followers) Professional Learning Specialist @massteacher#edcamp Co-founder,@AntiochNewEngProfessor on #teamnextgen@edutopia community facilitator. Arlington, MA dancallahan.net
  4. @BurkheadBill (5,000 followers) Father of 2 wonderful children, husband 2 an amazing educator, New Principal of The Monomoy Regional HS Sharks @MonomoyRHS Harwich, MA monomoy.edu/page.cfm?p=1801 Guest Blog All Kids Can Succeed Be the “1″Educator of the Week Profile
  5. @ncarroll24 (3,400 followers) 4th Gr. teacher who loves using tech in the classroom. Co-Moderator of#4thchat and #elemsci. Looking to learn about & share resources for learning. Massachusetts teachingiselementary.blogspot.comEducator of the Week4th Grade Teachers Connect Via Twitter