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The advent of internet technology has brought with it a whole lot of blessings. People are able to access all sorts of services at really affordable rates. There is no need to force yourself to get out of bed to beat traffic; you can work from home if you have a decent internet connection. There are so many job opportunities for people to take up online. The search engine marketing job is one of the most lucrative ones today. It is a career option that has been so popular especially over the past seven or so years. The most interesting thing about this career is that few people choose it. Most people just find themselves doing it and loving it.

A degree in marketing is good but it is not exactly necessary. People have majored in all sorts of things from literature to Greek Mythology, but they are still doing marketing on the search engines. As interesting and lucrative as this career might be, it is not exactly one with as defined a path as in medical practice or engineering. Every career must have a start, a promotion and a retirement somewhere. If you are a search engine marketer and you are wondering what path to take then here are some options to consider.

1. Remain a practitioner

One of the best ways to ruin a really good career is to try fixing something that is not wrong with it. You love being an SEO practitioner then you should not bother with it. Search engine marketing is a great way to remain engaged and get interesting challenges for your creativity every single day. If this is your ideal kind of work then you should not shift to anything else. All you need to do is improve your skills becoming even better in your job. You can switch companies, transit between the advertiser and agency roles or even move up in your organization. If there is a person who is very content in this industry then it has to be the marketing practitioner.

2. Move to management

If you get good enough at something and you feel that you are not being challenged enough then you should get into management. Managing a team that does what you are good in sounds extra fun, right? It represents a new challenge and a very interesting one at that. This is not to mention the fact that you will get the opportunity to earn even more money. Many people tend to avoid this path because they imagine that they will be spending sleepless nights and getting migraines managing people. However, it really is a good way to improve your abilities.

Truth be told, there are some people who were born to lead and will always fall into the management positions- one way or another. They are the people you will find training others or volunteering for new initiatives. Such people are able to run excellent internet marketing campaigns given the opportunity to. The funniest bit about these people they will rarely tell you that they are ‘born to lead’. Are you one of them?

3. Transit into other channels

Search engine marketing is an integral part of digital marketing and generally ‘marketing’ as a whole. Therefore, you are probably working with people in other channels right now. You can transit into any of these channels, the one that you find to be most interesting for yourself. With increased exposure you will find yourself rubbing shoulders with people practicing different things in the marketing field. Therefore, once you feel confident in your skill you can move to something slightly different such as affiliate marketing, web analytics or even all of them at the same time.

4. Industry niche jobs

You can land a job all thanks to search engine marketing. Search engine marketing involves interaction with a whole lot of people. Therefore, landing jobs within the industry that are not marketing is also quite easy. There are people who work as industry analysts at research and financial firms, search conference companies, human resource, recruiters and so many other things. With experience these are just some of the many ideas for your consideration.

5. Become an entrepreneur

Many political leaders have been all about encouraging the youth (and the young at heart) to become entrepreneurs. This is a way to eradicate poverty through job creation. If you have sufficient experience in the field of search engine marketing then you should proceed to become an entrepreneur and you can be sure that it will really give you a lot of returns in the end. Start your own company dealing with the same thing or add on a few more activities in digital marketing. You will be your own boss, calling the shots and determining your pay!


The option that you choose to take is really dependent on yourself. There are so many opportunities available for your selection. What you decide to do is informed by your abilities and your interests. Sometimes, the next step in your career is leaving the career.