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  1. @Edudemic (79,800 followers) A dedicated community of educators and technologists looking to enhance learning. Cambridge, MA ·
  2. @hgse (56,800 followers) The official Twitter feed of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Appian Way, Cambridge, Mass ·
  3. @alfiekohn (38,200 followers) author and lecturer on topics in education, parenting, and human behavior Boston area ·
  4. @patrickmlarkin (28,500 followers) Burlington Schools (MA) Asst. Supt. NASSP National Digital Principal Award Winner (2012), Passionate about creating a more relevant education for our students. Burlington, MA · Blog: Patrick Larkin is Perfect for Massachusetts Teachers
  5. @theteacherpage (14,500 followers) Quality Resources for Teachers! Comments and Suggestions Welcome! @robertwhughes Halifax, MA ·
  6. @dancallahan (12,300 followers) Instructional Technology Specialist K-5 @PineGlenLTC with 1:1 iPads, #edcamp Foundation Chairman and Co-founder, @AntiochNewEng Professor on #teamnextgen Burlington, MA ·
  7. @scratchteam (12,100 followers) Programming environment & online community where kids create, share and remix animations & video games. Created by @llkgroup at @medialab. Cambridge, MA, USA ·
  8. @peterhreynolds (9,850 followers) FableVision founder, Author/Illustrator: The Dot, Ish, The North Star, illus. Judy Moody. Creativity Advocate. Owner of book & toy store The Blue Bunny. Twin. Boston · of the Week, Celebrate International Dot Day with Peter H. Reynolds!
  9. @MassEducation (6,900 followers) Official Twitter account of Massachusetts Secretary of Education Matt Malone and his staff. Boston, Massachusetts ·
  10. @mytowntutors (6,200 followers) Teachers are GREAT tutors! We connect parents with local teachers who tutor. Teachers keep 100% of fees. FREE to search. Boston, Massachusetts & USA ·
  11. @gregkulowiec (6,100 followers) EdTechTeacher ( ) Presenter, Workshop Trainer & Online Content Development. Former HS History Teacher & Tech Integration. Plymouth, MA ·
  12. @EdTechTeacher21 (6,000 followers) EdTechTeacher helps teachers, schools, and school leaders develop 21st century learning environments. Chestnut Hill, MA ·
  13. @massteacher (5,600 followers) Massachusetts Teachers Association Boston, Mass. ·
  14. @thomasdaccord (5,550 followers) Director of EdTechTeacher. Former HS teacher. My mission is to help teachers use technology to create active, student-centered learning communities. Boston ·
  15. @andycinek (5,200 followers) Be kind. Share. And remember that what we do is not about us, but for the students we teach Boston, MA ·
  16. @GlobeEducation (4,300 followers) News about K-12 and Higher Education in Massachusetts from the Boston Globe. Boston, MA ·
  17. @SimplySuzy (4,050 followers) ♥ my @ThirdGraders! Educatalyst, Lafora Disease Assailant, iEnthusiast, FableVision Ambassador, DENStar, MASCD Board, Shutterbug, MassCUE Pathfinder, Girl Scout. Cape Cod Canal ·
  18. @NormandinBill (3,990 followers) Proud father of 2 wonderful children, husband to an amazing educator, Principal of Normandin Middle School in New Bedford, MA, Co-Facilitator #Edfocuschat Chats normandinms.blogspot.comEducator of the Week Profile,  Guest Blog: All Kids Can Succeed Be the “1″
  19. @MyTownTutorsMA (3,400 followers) We help #Massachusetts #parents connect with local #teachers who #tutor.Teachers are great tutors! Founded by a teacher for teachers! Massachusetts ·
  20. @MITK12STEM (3,100 followers) MIT Alumni impacting K-12 STEM on campus and in their hometown. Cambridge, Massachusetts ·…
  21. @AngelaCristiani (2,650 followers) Political Director ~ @BTU66. School Psychologist. Ballet. Arts. #NPT. Life’s dance requires great shoes! RTs ≠ endorsements. Views expressed are my own. Massachusetts · angelajcristiani.wordpress.comAngela Cristiani is Awesome for Boston Educators Awesome for Boston Educators
  22. @ncarroll24 (2,500 followers) A wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, colleague & 4th Gr. teacher. Co-Moderator of #4thchat. Looking to learn about and share resources for school. Massachusetts ·, Educator of the Week, 4th Grade Teachers Connect Via Twitter
  23. @Akee123 (2,400 followers) elementary school principal in Massachusetts, as well as a lifelong learner. Massachusetts ·
  24. @karen_brennan (1,700 followers) Assistant Professor of Education at Harvard University. Work focuses on designing social and technical infrastructure to support computational creators. Cambridge, MA ·…
  25. @LearnLaunch (1,251 followers) LearnLaunch aims to increase learning by providing support for the creation and growth of education technology and learning companies in New England. Boston, MA ·
  26. @PFToner (1,250 followers): Middle School Social Studies Teacher, President of the Massachusetts Teachers Association and Candidate for NEA Executive Committee. Cambridge, Massachusetts ·
  27. @MassBioEd (990 followers) Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation (MassBioEd) is a non-profit charitable organization committed to supporting #STEM through roots in biotech. Cambridge, MA ·
  28. @masscue (900 followers) Massachusetts Computer Using Educators – Connecting Educators for the Commonwealth!
  29. @TechGoesHome (850 followers) We help people use the Internet to improve their lives via training, access, and hardware! Connect with us on FB at . Boston, MA ·
  30. @ClareandTammy (850 followers) Teachers, Literacy, Staff Developers, Choice Literacy Contributors, Assessment in Perspective Authors- Stenhouse. Boston ·
  31. @MASCD (815 followers) Promoting quality teaching and learning in Massachusetts by fostering instructional and curriculum leadership. Massachusetts ·
  32. @HS_QuizShow (750 followers) WGBH’s fast-paced quiz show for MA high schoolers. New episodes every Saturday at 6pm on WGBH 2! #hsquizshow Boston, MA ·
  33. @MassPTA (650 followers) By the parent. With the parent. For the parent. All for children. Non-partisan/Non-sectarian. Like us on fb: Massachusetts PTA
  34. @MassScienceFair (625 followers) Advancing STEM education and increasing participation in inquiry-based learning through the development of science and engineering projects by students. Massachusetts ·
  35. @sowma (575 followers) Our goal is to educate children impacted by homelessness by providing academic support and one-on-one mentoring so children can reach their full potential. Brockton, MA ·
  36. @teachplusboston (530 followers) @TeachPlus Greater Boston, Network Coordinator #teachplusboston. Boston, Massachusetts
  37. @Teachers21 (325 followers) NFP thought and action partners in developing leadership and learning cultures where all educators embrace constant learning and continuous improvement. Wellesley, MA ·
  38. @WGBH_edu (300 followers) A leader in free media-based resources for teachers and students, we’re committed to promoting STEM initiatives & to supporting Massachusetts educators. Boston, MA ·
  39. @SeekonkAP_Jones (225 followers) I am currently the Assistant Principal of Seekonk High School. Seekonk, Massachusetts ·… Blog: Blogging for the Purpose of Education…Who Benefits?
  40. @BHS__SC (200 followers) Check out the blog for more information about the student council and school wide events. Guest Blog: Burlington High School: 21st Century Student Council

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