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@MyTownTutorsMI is trying an experiment to expand our PLN. We did something incredibly drastic – EXTREME TWITTER TIP: We Unfollowed Everyone!
We are slowly going to build up our “Following” by adding one more valuable account at a time. As time will allow, we will write a blog about our choices. Some time we may only list the account and leave it up to others to figure out why we made our selection.
This should be fun. Each week we will announce the new accounts we will follow.
Michigan Twitter Account of the Days:

  1. @askteacherzcom (1,050 followers) – Educators & Parents. Managers of #CollabEd & @Power_of_Hi – Gr.1 Tchr. w/ Counseling MA & Gr.8 U.S. History Tchr. w/ History MA – Coach & Free-Lance Writer. Grosse Pointe, Michigan ·
  2. @mrs_abud (125 followers) – Proud wife to fellow educator @mr_abud, Resource Teacher with#teamAC, Dog Lover. Working to bring the Blended Support Model to all struggling learners. Guest Blog: Why Structure = Success in the Classroom
  3. @blocht574 (1,100 followers) – 7th grade science educator: Sweating to inspire the youth of America. Moderator of #mschat weekly on Thursdays @ 8pm EST. Clinton Township MI · Guest Blog: Middle School Teachers: Join Twitter and #MSchat
  4. @saradelg10 (550 followers) – Fourth grade teacher leader, passionate about leadership in adults and students, lifelong learner invested in school reform and technology innovation.