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Twitter is becoming used more and more by teachers, educators, parents and schools.
This year we hope to add more schools to find the#1 twitter account for elementary schools The rankings of schools based on followers. For each account, we will list the twitter name, followers and twitter biography.

  1. @HanoverMS (75 followers) Hanover Middle School is located at 45 Whiting Street, Hanover, MA. Hanover, Massachusetts ·
  2. @HinghamMidSch (72 followers) – Hingham, MA ·…
  3. @GatesScituate (41 followers) – The Gates Intermediate School is a 7th & 8th grade community of learners. At Gates we encourage respect for self, others and the school. Gates Intermediate School ·…

For the next year, we will be identifying other Massachusetts middle schools using twitter. Please visit our Massachusetts resources page for the most recent listings.
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