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The following was taken from 101 Mole Day Jokes!

  1. What did one mole say to the other?… We make great chemistry together.
  2. Why did Avogadro stop going to a chiropractor on October 24th?… He was only tense to the 23rd!
  3. How much does Avogadro exaggerate?… He makes mountains out of mole hills
  4. Why is it bad to tell mole jokes?… It’s mole-itically incorrect
  5. What did Avogadro get when he mixed ice cream, chocolate syrup, and milk together?… A chocolate Moletd
  6. What’s the mole’s favorite college football team?… The Florida State Semimoles
  7. What kind of fruit did Avogadro eat in the summer?… Watermolens
  8. How many guacs are in a bowl of guacamole?… Avocado’s number!
  9. Avogadro loved to watch MASH. Which character did he like most?… Father Molecahy
  10. What element do moles love to study in chemistry?… Molybdenum
  11. What does Avogadro put in his hot chocolate?… Marsh-mole-ows!
  12. How does Avogadro write to his friends?… By e-mole!
  13. What do you call a tooth in a glass of water?… A one molar solution.
  14. What did Avogadro collect at the seashore?… mole-uscs
  15. Why is Avogadro so rich?… He’s a multi-mole-ionare!
  16. What did Avogadro call his church services?… Molar Mass
  17. Why was there only one Avogadro?… When they made him, they broke the Moled
  18. What kept Avogadro in bed for two months?… Moleonucleosis
  19. What did Avogadro invent for his wife to use as a night cream?… Oil of Molay
  20. Why is Avogadro in love with Cindy Crawford?… She’s his favorite super-mole-dle (and she has a mole).
  21. What did the generous mole say when his friends crashed his party?… The mole the merrier!
  22. What are the moles’ favorite line from the Wizard of Oz?… “I’m mole-ting, I’m mole-ting.”
  23. If a mole of moles were digging a mole of holes, what would you see?… A mole of molasses!
  24. What kind of test do student moles like best?… Mole-tiple choice.
  25. What is Avogadro’s favorite kind of music?… Rock ‘N’ Mole