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April Fool’s Day doesn’t have to be about tricks, lies and schemes. Instead, it can be a family fun day with chances to laugh and exercise a child’s creative thinking. But what if you’re not that quick on your feet? The people at personalized gift company Personal Creations set out to build an April Fool’s Day prank generator to help families think up fun and easy pranks.

In addition to featuring 20 fun pranks, it includes simple filters so kids and parents can find a prank best suited for them. From “quick laughs” to “lighthearted,” there can be a variety of ways to get a family laughing.

  1. Computer Mouse Won’t Work: Take a piece of paper, and tape it on the underside of your coworker’s mouse. Granted, this trick will likely be figured out rather quickly, but it will be fun to watch them be confused for a few seconds.

  2. Airhorn surprise: Using tape and, obviously, an air horn, strap it to the underside of the victim’s chair or on the wall behind a door. When your victim sits on their chair or opens the door, the air horn will be hit and go off. The scream of surprise will likely be louder than the air horn itself, but that’s what makes this prank fun.

  3. These Candies Don’t Belong Together: Do you want to see the most sour-looking face on your friends or coworkers? Mix together a bowl of Skittles®, M&M’s® and Reese’s® Pieces. Of course, no one will ever trust you with candy again, but it’s worth it.

  4. Honk and Wave: On the ride to school, your child will suddenly be bombarded by people honking and waving at them. The look of confusion on your child’s face will be one to cherish for many years.

  5. Big Feet: In the morning, casually mention to them that their feet look bigger. When they go to put on their shoes their feet won’t fit, causing a few seconds of wonder at how they became Big Foot over night.

  6. Hey a Penny: Super glue a coin to the ground outside, and watch your unsuspecting victims struggle to compute why they can’t pick it up. Andy Kaufman would be proud of this prank.

  7. Nail Polish Soap: Nail polish will prevent a bar of soap from lathering. So when the prankee is trying to scrub themselves clean, the soap they’re using simply won’t work. Of course, you will be unable to witness this prank take place, so you’ll just have to imagine the look of confusion.

  8. Office Balloon Party: Fill your coworker’s office or cubicle with balloons. Watch as hilarity ensues.

  9. Brown E’s for a Friend: If disappointment on someone else’s face is how you like your pranks to end, then this is perfect. Rather than getting a piece of delicious brownie, they will get a piece of brown construction paper cut in the shape of an E.

  10. Who Steals a Shoe: Go into their closet, and take one of each of their shoes. You can really go all out by leaving ransom notes in place of the shoe and sending them on a scavenger hunt.

  11. Sink Spray: If you have a sink with a separate sprayer, put a rubber band around the handle and watch as the unsuspecting victim gets drenched upon turning on the faucet.

  12. Rubber Band Phone: Take valuable time out of someone else’s day by wrapping 100 rubber bands around their phone. To really make it fun, call their phone and see what it looks like when someone gives up.

  13. Catch a Dollar: Making sure all fish hooks are removed, tape a dollar bill to the string, and put it somewhere your kids will find it but you can remain hidden. As they reach down to grab it, reel in the bill. Watching them give chase will bring a lot of joy.

  14. Frozen Desktop: Replace your coworker’s normal desktop screen with a screenshot of it. Hide all the icons so they can’t click on them, and laugh to yourself as they try to figure out what’s wrong.

  15. Full Blast: Turn everything in your spouse’s, or perhaps your child’s, car on full power. The heat (or air conditioning, whichever is funnier), the radio, the wiper blades, everything you can think of.

  16. Frozen Cereal: The night before, freeze a bowl of cereal. In the morning, take it out before your kid comes downstairs waddling like a zombie with their eyes half open. When you give them the bowl and they try to eat it but are denied by frozen solid milk, hilarity will ensue.

  17. Switch Rooms: Parents, want to trick your kids? Wait until they’re sound asleep, pick them up, and then place them in each other’s room. *Caution, not a recommended prank against high school teenagers.

  18. Cup on the Roof: Using small magnets and tape, you can make it appear as though you’ve left a coffee cup on the roof of your car. As helpful citizens pull alongside to tell you that you’ve left something on top of the car, merely hold up a sign that reads, “April Fools.”

  19. Keyboard Jumble: “Uiz br eq tyvopslk xgh cfadjmy” is what will appear when they mean to type, “Why is my keyboard not working.”

  20. Clean Teeth Oreos: Be sure to use fluoride-free toothpaste as fluoride can be toxic in large doses. Although we doubt any of your victims will be fooled long enough to swallow this atrocity.

See if you can test out all 20 in one day—or even save them for a day when everyone least expects it. No time for an elaborate prank? Tell some jokes instead or start planning for other holidays in April.