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Our 1st 52 page answers the question – “Who would you follow if you could only follow one account a day (or one account a week)? Each week, we will be selecting who we feel are the best accounts for teachers and parents.
I am a 1st 52 Twitter Account! Now What?
Teachers and Educators
Please click the post to read an explanation of our choice.

  1. @NEAToday Post: @NEAToday: Our #1 Twitter Account for Teachers
  2. @AFTunionPost: Top 10 Reasons @AFTUnion is AWESOME for Teachers
  3. @NCTMPost: @NCTM: AWESOME for Math, Teachers, and Education
  4. @shannonmmiller Post: 4 Reasons @ShannonMMiller is Tops for Teachers
  5. @AngelaMaiersPost: Angela Maiers: Educator of the Week
  6. @coolcatteacherPost: Vicki Davis: Educator of the Week
  7. @Edudemic
  8. @peterhreynolds – Posts: Lets All Connect For Dot Day and Make Our Mark On The World! & Peter Reynolds: Educator of the Week
  9. @ShellTerrell
  10. @cybrarymanPost: Teachers Looking for a Good #edchat?

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