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You Said What? Top 10 Things A Student Should Never Say to a Teacher
Being a student is difficult enough without saying the wrong things to your teacher and making it worse on yourself. In most cases, saying the right things to your teacher is all about the attitude you take towards your studies. If you have a good attitude, then you tend to say all the right things.
With that in mind, here is a look at the list of the top 10 things a student should never say to a teacher. Avoiding these phrases and questions will definitely make your life easier as you try to get through your studies.
– “What is the answer to this question?”
Your teacher spends his time teaching you the ways in which you can determine the answers to your own question. The only reason this is a bad thing to say to your teacher is because it makes you sound lazy. A better question would be, “How do I determine the answer to this question?”
– “How Long Will This Test/Review Class Take?”
Your daily classes are all scheduled for specific time periods that your teacher must follow, but when it comes to tests and review classes, your teacher wants to see you putting in the effort to improve on your understanding of the material, not watching the clock.
– “I guess I am just bored.”
Students who show a lack of effort in class may get asked to speak with the teacher privately. The students who want to cause problems for themselves will give this response when asked why they cannot pay attention in class or get their work handed in on time.
– “My previous teacher did not require that.”
When you are taking a class with a particular teacher, then that teacher sets the rules in that classroom. While students are expected to retain the information they have learned in previous classes, they are not expected to ask each teacher to be as lenient as the teacher before.
– “Can you make me do that assignment?”
The curriculum that is being used for your class has been submitted by the teacher to the school, and it has been approved. The teacher is the one that determines the best way to help you learn the material. Yes, the teacher can absolutely make that assignment mandatory.
– “Is this entire assignment required?”
When a teacher goes to the trouble of creating a curriculum for your class and devising critical assignments, then there is a reason those assignments a structured the way they are. Do not assume that a teacher spent his time developing an assignment just so you could pick and choose what parts of the assignment you want to do.

– “Are we doing anything important on Thursday?”
There is usually not enough time in the term to cover all the material that the teacher wants to cover, so the answer is always an automatic yes. Asking this question even implies that the teacher is wasting your time, or that you don’t care about the material, just the tests. Even when that’s true, everything will go more smoothly if you don’t say it.
– “You have no idea what you are talking about.”
The Internet is a great resource for students to get all kinds of information, but reading the Internet does not make you a qualified teacher. Your teacher has delivered the class material numerous times. She knows what she is talking about.
– “I have to take this call.”
Cell phones are everywhere and students of all ages are carrying them, but when you are in a classroom, it is time to turn the cell phone off.
– “Hello Bob.”
Unless your teacher has given you permission to call him by his first name, then you should address him with a proper and respectful title along with his last name.
If you want to make your life in school more difficult, then you can go ahead and say the top 10 things you should never say to a teacher. The students who want to succeed in school avoid these phrases.
This article was written by Jorgen Rex Olson, a student and freelance writer with a strong interest in education, as well as a love of humor. He encourages those with an interest in photography to photography school program hosted by Santa Fe University.