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We hope you enjoy!
10. Getting kids to love reading. PragmaticMom is passionate about literacy and kids. You’ll find great content from her and from the blogosphere because she searches out ideas to get kids reading.
9. Mulitcultural Books for Kids. With the number of diversity children’s books not rising in 18 years, you’ll find great multicultural picks from PragmaticMom as she will be focusing on promoting authors and characters of color and themes of diversity.
8. Multicultural Books for Kid Day?! Yes, stay tuned for a new holiday to celebrate diversity books for kids. Mia is teaming up with @ValarieBudayr to create a week long event in January of 2014.
7. Learning Resources for Kids. Free is good and Mia seeks out great free learning resources from learning apps to free eBooks for kids. http://www.pragmaticmom.com/helpful-links/
6. Learning as Play. Kids learn through play and you’ll find lots of ideas for all ages.
5. Children’s book giveaways. Mia does a lot of these from picture books to chapter books to young adult.
4. Foreign Language for Kids. Need fun ideas to expose your kids to foreign languages, particularly Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. Mia is trying to get her kids to learn these languages and always trying out new things.
3. Math Fun. From learning apps to games that kids make up, find great ideas to make math fun.
2. Custom Reading Lists. Need to find the perfect book for your child? Ask and you shall receive. Mia will create a custom book list for your child if you give her information on what you’re seeking.
1. Reluctant Readers. Try and try again with a myriad of ideas that PragmaticMom posts, tweets and pins on to get kids reading.
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