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Author Bio: Erin Humphreys
I used to hear parents talk a lot about trying to understand the recruiting process. Many parents felt if their son received a letter from any University, then they were recruiting their son, which is not the case at all. Throughout an athlete’s high school life, their recruitment will take many different turns. Most Universities’ coaching staffs base their recruiting on many different criteria. As a player, you must think:

  1. Does this University fit who I am as a person?
  2. Does this University have what I want to major in? Sports will stop one day.
  3. Do I have a good feeling about this coaching staff, and do I TRUST them?
  4. Can I play for this head coach? Because you are not playing for the assistant that recruited you. Assistants move more often.
  5. Have I met the players on the team who I will be living with the next four year? Very important.
  6. Do the coaches have the administrations support in how they are running the program? How long are they under contract?
  7. What’s a good distance for me? Weather at the school? Remember you are there for four years.
  8. How important is it that your parents are able to see you play often? Distance will factor in.
  9. How soon will I have the opportunity to play, and who is playing my position now?
  10. What style has that coach been playing while coaching? Most coaches do not change systems! Do I fit their style?

Go where your heart tells you to go while having input from your parents, but you have to make the final decision, because you are the one going there to school.
These are many of the questions that you must ask yourself while being recruited by different universities, but not the only ones. Every athlete has a different set of criteria of choosing a particular school. Put these questions in order from which are the most important to you to the least, because most schools will not fit every situation. Then, list the schools which are recruiting you and have offered you a scholarship across the top and start checking off which school meets most of what you are looking for. Remember being recruited and offering a scholarship are two different situations. Find out if they are offering you, because this will speed up the process.
Remember every school has only so many scholarships each year, so knowing how many they have to give is important as well as where you are on the depth chart. You will know if they want you by how they interact with your whole family.