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Check out our list of 365 Family Friendly Jokes!
My Town Tutors loves a good laugh. Over the years we have acquired many jokes. Hopefully you find them useful and can have some fun with them

  1. What would you get if you crossed a gorilla with the sixteenth US president?…. Ape Lincoln!
  2. Why did Abe Lincoln grow a beard?… He wanted to look like that guy on the five-dollar bill.
  3. What would you get if you crossed the sixteenth president with a famous slugger?…. Babe Lincoln
  4. Did Lincoln know that the North would win the Civil War?… After a while, he took it for Grant-ed!
  5. Why did Lincoln wear a tall, black hat?… To keep his head warm!
  6. What US president had long legs, a beard, and an unusual smell?… Abraham Stinkin
  7. Why was Abraham Lincoln barn in a log cabin?… Because it was too cold to be born outside!
  8. Why did they call Lincoln “Honest Abe”?… Because that’s what it said on all his campaign buttons.
  9. Why did George Washington have trouble sleeping?…. Because he couldn’t lie.
  10. What do you call George Washington’s false teeth?… Presidentures!
  11. What would you get if you crossed the first US president with an animated character?… George Washingtoon!
  12. Was General Washington a handsome man?… Yes, he was George-eous!
  13. How did George Washington speak to his army?…. In general terms!