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Author Bio: Evelyn Golston is a long serving writer at Essay Jedi where he has written numerous articles about different aspects of essay writing services.

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Essay writing services have seen an increase in demand over the last few years. These services have become very much sought after by different professionals, students and even tutors. While students have the highest need for essay writing services, professionals too and even business organizations can make use of the services to various degrees.

When you go in search for an essay writer, you may find individuals or companies that specialize in providing the services. Individuals have their own advantages such as quick turnaround time and lower costs since it is an individual. Decision making processes are faster and individuals are able to use personal equipment at home. Essay writing companies have to invest in equipment, have protocols in decision making. Companies may deliver slower than individuals since the essay has to be assigned to someone, written, submitted, and then given back to the company which then forwards the essay to you. Reviews while working with companies may also be done late.

Despite all these advantages of working with individuals, the company remains the best option when you are using essay writing services. This is because once you give the job to the company, there is greater assurance that the essay will be written and delivered. A good company thrives on assigning the essay to the best available writer and getting it done on time. Reviews are then able to be done on time and the customer gets the best out of the whole process. This has to be done so that the client can recommend the essay writing company to their friends and other interested parties.

Another advantage of using an essay writing organization or company is that the writer who gets assigned the essay is likely to be qualified for the job, either in the profession or due to extensive experience gained while writing for the essay writing company. An essay writing company like essayjedi has thousands of individuals who are qualified in various professions and with varying levels of experience. When working with an individual, they may lie about their availability to write your essay, their level of qualification and experience, and an individual writer could get your money for the whole job or part of the job and then disappear. Working with an essay writing company has greater assurance that your essay will get written and delivered to you.

When it comes to the research that goes into your essay, again the essay writing company gives better results. Research determines the quality of the final essay that will be presented to you. A well researched essay has better quality. The essay writing company ensures quality since the administrators will in most instances go through the essays and run them through plagiarism checkers. When you use an individual to write your essay for you, you risk having a shoddily written essay that is not up to standard. Some of the essays that are written when using essay writing services are submitted to tutors in schools or placed on the internet, thus making it very important to have high originality and quality work.

Accountability is another factor that makes it better for a person or business looking for essay writing services to work with the essay writing companies that are there. In essay writing, clients and writers are in different geographical locations and do not meet each other physically. Trust is established so that the essay writer agrees to write and then get paid. Some writers may require upfront payments or funds being placed in escrow holding accounts. When the job gets done, the writer is paid their dues. In some instances, a writer may get some upfront money paid to them and then take too long to complete the essay or fail to write it altogether. When working with such a writer as an individual, the customer has no way of tracing the writer who swindles them. With an essay writing company or organization, the client can trace the writer or lodge a complaint with the company. It is difficult and unusual for such a company to leave a client unsatisfied since the company will be harassed by the client and they will lose future earnings that could come from the client. The essay writing company like Essay Jedi works while looking at its future while the individual writer may be out to make quick cash and then leave you unsatisfied.