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Why is My Town Tutors the official tutoring company of US Teachers?

  1. We are the only national tutoring directory that only list teachers. U.S. Teachers are great tutors!
  2. Teachers pay a small yearly fee, currently $12, to be registered with our website. There are no other fees.
  3. Teachers can make up to $5,000 a year tutoring with us!
  4. My Town Tutors is making a commitment to list teachers in all 50 states. We have a 50 day challenge to make this a reality.
  5. Teachers communicate directly with parents to set up tutoring times and location. Teachers also collect money directly from the parents, so there is no waiting.
  6. Teachers choose which appointments to accept or decline.
  7. My Town Tutors is committed to making connections to let parents know about this great service.
  8. My Town Tutors is making a huge effort to gain the support of teacher unions around the county!
  9. My Town Tutors is making great connections with PTAs who are thrilled to share this resource with other parents.
  10. We have a great guest blog that gives teachers the opportunity to share lessons, ideas, and experiences.

Technically, we may be the “unofficial” tutoring company of U.S. teachers, but we certainly will work hard to help U.S. teachers who tutor make money tutoring!
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