The Last Lecture is a great book for high school students. For the past few years, I have been using the book with high school seniors. The content of the book lends itself to many personal reflection activities that most of the students seem to enjoy.
The “Really Achieving your Childhood Dreams” writing prompt allows the students to write about their personal dreams.
Below is the worksheet that the students use:
The Last Lecture: Really Achieving your Childhood Dreams

The title slide of Randy Pausch’s speech is “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams.” Throughout this course, we have discussed identifying dreams / goals and coming up with “baby steps” (What about Bob?) to reach them.
Select a CURRENT dream of yours and write about it. Select something that you are very passionate and enthusiastic about. Write about what it is. Why are you passionate about it? Who do you share this passion with? How can you learn more about it? What resources can you use? Why it is important? How will you progress toward that dream? What books, magazines, and resources can you use to better pursue your dream? What are you doing or could you be doing to come closer to making your dream a reality.
This will be a 15-minute writing prompt. This is your goal and dream, so you should have no problem writing for this time period. If for some reason you have difficulty writing for the entire period, select another dream or goal. The objective of this writing assignment is to help you write (and think) about the important goals in your life and ways you might possibly be able to reach them.
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