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The Last Lecture is a great book for high school students. For the past few years, I have been using the book with high school seniors. The content of the book lends itself to many personal reflection activities that most of the students seem to enjoy.
Here is a writing prompt that I share with the students.

“If I were a painter, I would have painted for them. If I were a musician, I would have composed music. But I am a lecturer. So I lectured.” (page x)

In life, it is so important to be able to identify, develop, and then share your talents. Each one of you has so much to offer. Over the course of the next few months, hopefully you can gain a better understanding of ways you can use your talent now and in the future.
List 1 – 3 talents you have. Some talents might be skills such as athletics, arts, music, drama, public speaking, or writing. Others talents might be organizational skills, listening skills, sharing, or being able to analyze a problem.
Explain when you first realized your possessed this talent. Explain how you have worked to develop these talents. Do you have a coach or mentor? What you are currently doing to improve these talents? Are you reading any books, journals or blogs? Are you connecting with any people, or using social media?
Looking to the future, how do you see using these talents for the next few years? (Consider college classes, internships, employment opportunities, and possible careers.) Explain how you could share your talents to improve the lives of others.